Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Here It Goes Again!

Here comes that rainy day feeling again...

As the water droplets pummeled the skylight in my home, I couldn’t help to think that a typical Baltimore spring had arrived -- you know the whole April showers bit. But really April is about 4 seasons in the same week. Have you looked at the forecast? Don’t put those winter coats away just yet.

With Spring there is newfound hope that the Orioles might change the direction of the team after 9 “rebuilding” seasons. The danger of a new season is when those high hopes meet the sobering thought of reality and your team opens 0-2 and a weekend series at Yankee Stadium looms as does the possibility of returning to Camden Yards 0-6 for the riveting home opener. Remember that Lost in Space robot? DANGER, DANGER!

Am I dating myself?

Let's hope they don't kill the season before it even starts.

Adam Loewen was one of the bright spots of Spring Training and he had quite a rhythm going. So what do the O’s decide to do? They've opted to keep him on ice until Friday in New York and put Jason Wright on the mound against a tough Twins lineup.

Speaking of lineups and granted, the beginning of a season always accentuates the positive and the negative, but the O’s lineup looks rather meek and unless the meek inherit some pop in their bats, they will place a heavy burden on the starting rotation.

What is it with Maryland teams and offense? There’s the Ravens, the Orioles, the Terps and even the Blackbirds all seem to be offensively challenged. The only thing offensive about Baltimore these days is the violent crime statistic.

Think I’ll go back to bed and listen to raindrops. Nothing offensive there and it's certainly not violent unless of course I forgot to take out the trash...

Hey, those raindrops are falling to the tune of Here It Goes Again!

Click on this link and listen if you don't believe me...


Anonymous said...

This season will go nowhere. On top of a young starting staff and suspect offense, we have a very thin bench which hurts everything considering how the start of the season is injury filled. No worries though as Damon Taffey tell us we have turned the corner....the attitude is different...haha

Tony Lombardi said...

0-3 and heading into New York on a Friday night with temperatures close to freezing. Well, let's look on the bright side....We're only 2 games off the pace and just 3 down in the loss column and I guarantee the O's don't lose on Thursday.

raineman said...

TL--Who cares? Baseball sucks as a sport anyway. Know of any good football only sites? Come on draft day.