Thursday, April 05, 2007


My colleague Dev Panchwagh did a nice piece the other day entitled Mocking The Mock. But Dev didn’t really mock the mocks. He just gave a thumbs up or thumbs down (yay or nay) to the projected pick for the Ravens by some well known “mockers.”

I’m about to mock the mocks!

Let’s call mocks what they really are -- filler.

You know, like the song Acrobat on U2’s Achtung Baby.

Mocks help to bridge the gap in NFL news between free agency and the draft. Of course Pacman Jones does his best to help as well.

Last year in their draft publication, Pro Football Weekly correctly predicted 2 of 32 first round picks. A blind-folded monkey with a dart could have been as “accurate.”

So enough of the monkey business…let’s get down to serious business…like where PFW predicted the Ravens' picks from 2006 to go in last year’s draft.

Haloti Ngata was predicted to go Buffalo with the eighth pick; he was the Ravens at No. 12

Chris Chester was predicted to go in round 2 and was said to have more upside than any offensive linemen; Ravens got him in Round 2 with Pick No. 56

David Pittman was rated as the 16th best corner prospect and was slated for round 3 or 4. He was compared to the Bears’ Nathan Vasher but more closely resembled a ghost named Casper during the '06 season. He was the No. 87 overall pick.

DeMetrius Williams was the fourth rated receiver by PFW and was projected as a second round pick. The Ravens brought him to B’more in round 4 with the 111th overall pick.

With the 132nd pick in the draft (their first compensatory) the Ravens grabbed P.J. Daniels. Daniels was rated as the ninth best back and according to PFW destined for Round 4. They were right.

Dawan Landry was the 15th ranked safety and projected between rounds 5 and 6. The Ravens said 5 with the overall 146th selection.

Ozzie’s favorite pick arrived with compensatory pick No. 2 and the 166th overall -- Quinn Sypniewski who PFW ranked as the 17th best TE in the 2006 draft and a late Day 2 choice.

Sam Koch didn’t show up on the radar screen of PFW. In Baltimore he had folks asking, “Zastudil who?”

Derrick Martin was taken in the sixth (overall No. 208). PFW said he was the 29th best corner and that while quick and fast he lacks size and plays small.

And last and not LaLeast the Ravens chose Syracuse Orangeman Ryan LaCasse who the Ravens LaPassed on to Indianapolis via trade. He was a 7th rounder and pick No. 219. PFW had him ranked as the ninth best DE and projected him as a first day pick.

Makes you LaWonder doesn’t it?


Big B said...

On they have this thing in the NFL section talking about the drafts of the last decade or so. This is the exact page and postings SI had the day after the draft with commentary from all thier writers. Wow. Even when all the chips have fallen they still get everything wrong.
Some jems;

2001 draft: the bengals got a horrible grade for thier draft after "reaching" for Smith and chad johnson. They also should have passed on Rudi apparently as they have other needs to address.

2002 Draft: well this is what Dr. Z had to say about Buffalo;

"Is it fair to count Drew Bledsoe? I mean, the deal was done on a draft day. But my gosh, look at the help they're giving him -- Mike Williams, 375 pounds of tackle, and Josh Reed, the Fred Biletnikoff Award-winning receiver who could have been a first rounder. They got him in Round 2. Their second pick in the same round, Ryan Denney, is a 6-foot-7 DE with great potential. Coy Wire in the third round is a good, sturdy, Adam Archuleta-type safetyman. Hell of a draft to go with the big trade. Grade ... A"

And then Oakland;

"Al Davis is back in it, folks. Phillip Buchanon, the top deep cover guy dropped for some reason, and Al and his Raiders were there to catch him. Now he doesn't have to worry so much about Eric Allen's possible retirement."


Dr Z again:

"T Robert Gallery is the consensus choice for best player in the draft"

and of course in 2000 everyone said the ravens were dumb for taking a guy fifth who "whouldn't even start at Tennesee if he returned for his senior season"

I guess the moral of all of this is nobody knows nothing. Especially the "experts"