Friday, April 27, 2007


The Kelly Gregg extension was a winner in all ways. The organization rewards a player for his workmanlike approach to the game and sacrificing personal gain for the betterment of the team. This is a lunch pail player who Bart Scott described as the most important player on the league’s No. 1 defense.

The Ravens didn’t have to extend Gregg. He still had two years remaining on a relatively pedestrian contract. That would certainly have presented value to the team for the next two years anyway. Instead, they extended Gregg, gave him a fair $3.5 million in bonus money and probably squeezed some cap space out of the deal while buying goodwill.

Back in February I discussed this very type of extension with Eric DeCosta. I lauded teams like the Eagles and Patriots for moves like this and DeCosta said, “That’s what smart teams do.”

If you haven’t before, you can now consider the Ravens a smart team.

I would expect more of these types of deals from the club going forward. They make sense for players who are valuable, who have some remaining longevity in their careers and are good team guys. Bart Scott is another who fits that description and it would be no surprise if the Ravens do something similar with him.

I wonder if they wished they had taken this approach with Terrell Suggs back in 2005.

No worries there though in my opinion. Even if the Ravens pay Suggs $22 million in guarantees or somewhere thereabouts, it would not be too difficult to spread that out in a manageable way particularly when you consider that Suggs will only be 24 when the team kicks off the 2007 season in Cincinnati. A seven year deal for Suggs would not be out of the question.

Losing him should be!


Anonymous said...

This extension was a no brainer. I wonder what might have been had the Ravens used similar thinking two years ago with AD and Suggs.