Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The Ravens will be sitting and waiting and hoping for value to fall into their laps this Saturday. With each player picked before the Ravens are on the clock that is not part of Ozzie and Eric’s top 29 draft eligible players, a player that they have ranked higher than 29 will be available for the taking. The more that happens the happier the Ravens will be because such developments will open the door to more options and other opportunities.

It happens every year.

The Ravens could even trade back if someone comes calling when it’s Ozzie’s turn and maybe pick up that third round pick sacrificed in the McGahee trade or the fourth served up in the McNair trade. DeCosta does a lot of modeling and forecasting in the draft and he likes the value in Round 4 in the neighborhood of pick 110 to 115.

And if the Ravens have a few players that they like equally and they can trade back and still get their guy, why not? They might then only have to pay second round money to a player and pick up another. Hello blue light special!

DeCosta will often tell you, “I’m in the pick business.”

Meanwhile, there is still no definitive Jonathan Ogden update – at least not one that has been mentioned publicly. I would think that Ogden is loyal to the team and would not leave them dangling this long. The bet here is that he’s already informed the team that he’s returning and in order to let the mystery work to the Ravens’ advantage, they’ve chosen not to say anything.

Brian Billick visited Ogden in Las Vegas back in March prior to the owners’ meetings and if you take Billick’s words at face value, he knows no more than any of us as it relates to Ogden’s return.

“I think [J.O.] feels pretty good about himself, sounds like the toe is coming along very well,” Billick said. “He has started very aggressively to condition, which I think is a good sign. Outside of that, it would be conjecture at this point [whether or not Ogden is returning].”

C’mon coach. You flew into Vegas to say hello to J.O. and we’re supposed to believe that the only thing you discussed were his little piggies?


No. 75 will go at least one more year…


TalkinWillis said...

This draft doesn't have a ton of sexy picks and it's probably not a bad year to be further back in the pecking order. I'd like to see the Ravens trade back unless Ginn is on the board. That guy can flat out fly.

As for Ogden, he'll be back. I read a few weeks ago on this site that Ogden's deal was restructured. Teams don't restructure if they think someone is retiring.

Welcome back 75!

MB Genius said...

Even if Ogden does return the Ravens still need to draft a tackle. WITH Ogden they now have only 2 tackles on the roster.

What's Zeus up to these days?


Tony Lombardi said...

I would say Orlando is up to roughly 400 pounds. HEY, HEY, HEY!