Monday, April 02, 2007

Bart Scott On a Mission

Yesterday during GAMETIME, Bart Scott joined us in studio for an hour which seemed more like 10 minutes. Up to then, I never had the opportunity to speak with Bart for such an extended period. I was a fan going into the interview and I left an even bigger fan.

Bart Scott is a perfect example of the American Dream. As a boy, he grew up in the Detroit area and aspired to become a professional athlete. He would go on to play football in college as a Southern Illinois Saluki and later as you all know, he would be signed by the Ravens as an undrafted free agent. In 2006 Bart was a Pro Bowler.

Bart is sincere, he’s personable, he’s humble, he’s devoted, he possesses an adolescent affinity for the game of football, he loves our community and he loves being a Baltimore Raven.

Our interview will be up on the GAMETIME archives later today and you can hear it commercial free in it’s entirety. One of my personal favorite segments of the interview was Bart’s response to my rock, paper, scissors question. If you recall NFL Network featured the Ravens v. Jets from 2004 in Giants Stadium. Ed Reed and Will Demps are seen doing rock, paper, scissors to determine which of the two would go on a blitz called by then defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

I asked Bart about that and he said that the Ravens do things like that all the time on defense. He said that he and Ray have done it before when both are tired and might lack that prerequisite burst needed to blitz effectively due to a bit of fatigue.

And while I found the story humorous in and of itself (especially when you consider the sophistication of a Rex Ryan defense), the look in Bart’s eye showed a true love of the game and an appreciation of where he is in his NFL career.

Off the air, we discussed several things, among them his potential as a radio show host. In my opinion, he is the perfect replacement for Adalius Thomas on Baltimore’s ESPN Radio. To my surprise, he didn’t appear very interested despite his obvious level of comfort on air. His reasoning drew me in and made perfect sense considering the journey he’s taken so far in his career.

Bart in so many words explained that to do a radio show, it would take several hours a month of his time when you factor in the on air time and the prep time for each show. He added that all those hours during a season would take away from his desire to improve his game and take it to what he described as the “next level.” The show he said would be fun, yet those hours dedicated to it would be better served refining his productivity as a player.

Here’s to my favorite Saluki getting to that desired next level.

How he gets there might be as simple as rock, paper, scissors.


Anonymous said...

Bart Scott is a classic example of a blue collar player the man seems like he eats sleeps and breathes football. His passion for the game is amazing. I have listened to him in a few interviews and the guy will be either on the air or in a booth someday it is that simple. After a Raven comeback win he said a quote that has stuck with me to this day. I am not sure if it was his personal quote or if he was paraphrasing someone else. It was "the heart of a champion cannot be stopped until the game is over" Who wouldnt want a guy on their team with that mindset?

Ray said...

Bart and his family are true Baltimore Fans. Going to his Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner events will show you that not only is Bart a great football player, he is a great family man. Bart is easy to talk to and I saw him signing until the last guest had left the event. I know this might sound a bit odd but I would say he is the Ravens version of #5 Brooks Robinson. It is such a pleasure to know that a prime time player is willing to make time for the fans. After all he loves football. I took a picture of Bart with "The Tight End" John Mackey and I was impressed with how Bart was a fan at that point. It was total refreshment. Bart best of luck this season and here is to another ProBowl!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this blog. I am a little bummed about Bart not wanting to do the radio show because he is such a captivating personality that has opinions outside of football. Good for him though for putting thought into the decision. He is such a genuine person and a hard worker. I saw he was at workouts this week with relatively younger players. I also think it is cool that he is still involved in the community and in touch with the fanbase during the offseason. He really must like his job!