Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's In a Name?

Boy the Houston Texans sure are a finely tuned organization, aren’t they?

Well if you like Yugos I suppose they are….

Anyway, while reading about the Texans’ release of Domanick Williams my first thought was, “Who?” Turns out that Williams used to be Domanick Davis. Hey does that mean his career records are reset? The Colts moved to Indy…those records should be reset too right?

Different circumstances I know but what’s up with all these name changes? Williams now and before Maurice Drew got married (or something) and he’s now Maurice Jones-Drew or is it Drew-Jones?

Remember when former Raven Michael Jackson was a Brown and changed his last name to Dyson for one week? Funny thing is, fantasy footballers tried to pick up Dyson on the waiver wire after a “debut” with solid activity only to find out later that he was the namesake of “hee-heeeeee.”

Name changing for men has been going on for awhile most of which have to do with newfound religious convictions. Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali; Bobby Moore became Ahmad Rashad; Lew Alcindor became Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; Cat Stevens became Yusuf Islam.

Wonder if that happened on a Saturday night when he didn’t have anybody?

Then of course there’s Sean Combs who became Puff Daddy who is now P. Diddy.

Prince was Prince Rogers Nelson at birth and then became The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and now he’s Prince again.

Let’s go crazy…let’s get nuts.

So, on the topic of getting nuts (by the way Almond Joy’s got nuts…Mounds don’t) let’s do a little of that with names….

Pacman Jones-Apologizes

Tom Brady-Bundchen

The Idiot Formerly Known as Porter

Chris O’No-Henry

Ben Dover-Roethlisberger (Bart’s coming)!
Any other suggestions?


Harryos29 said...

Almond Joy has Nutz..Mounds do/does not... Looking for a hidden meaning in there some where???
Yea...what is up with all these name changes?...the guy who started it all was Bobby Moore out of orgegon,, wasn't he later...Amahd Rashad..?
I'm sorry,, if you don't like the name given at birth...just chill and deal with it....
These people with all the name changes will drive the good people at the Social Security Administration crazy with all the changes...and Name Changes may cause a Disconnect with their Beneifts down the road.
Harry P-diddy O'Sullivan
Sykesville, MD

Tony Lombardi said...

Hidden meaning? Possibly. What did you have in mind?