Monday, March 12, 2007

Baltimore's NFL Heritage

The Baltimore Colts will never play another NFL game but at least their memory should remain alive. They earned your respect and adulation as players and they deserve your support in preserving their legacies.

Let's be clear... Charm City is Ravenstown. Baltimore no longer dons the blue and white. It now bleeds purple. The city has its own home team just as the Colts have a home in Indianapolis. Yet the players who left parts of their broken bodies on 33rd Street at Memorial Stadium no longer have a home. They are aging and unfortunately some have passed.

The time has come to distinguish these men in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as Baltimore Colts. Besides, does Indianapolis really want Baltimore's players in its exhibit? Would you want theirs?

Restoring the Baltimore Colts’ tradition is a simple yet grossly overdue change that will enable future generations of fans to understand the relevance of Baltimore in the NFL’s remarkable history and to enable the accomplishments of these men to echo in eternity.

It’s the right thing to do.

Together, let's stand up and be counted.

Together let's be heard. Log on to and sign the petition. Together we can help preserve the history of the NFL, ensure that the Pro Football Hall of Fame presents it accurately and restore Baltimore's rich football heritage.



Harryos29 said...

I was number 68 to sign the COLTSHERITAGE web site. I think this is a worthy Undertaking.
Having seen most of Johnny Unitas' Career in person (home games) I loved Johnny and the team.
harry o
Sykesville, Md

Ravenwoman said...

I signed the petition last night. Seeing the website brought back all of the fond memories I had of seeing the old Colts in person and on television.

There is no question that their history belongs only to the City of Baltimore. It should be kept separate and apart from anything associated with the City of Indianapolis. All of the football records should be separated and not integrated with the current "Colts". Honoring these players in the Hall of Fame under the title "Baltimore Colts" brings dignity to their memory.

Lets all sign it and get it done.

Anonymous said...

I was there the day Unitas won with the Sudden Death. What happens in Baltimore stays in Baltimore. After 1984, Indianapolis can claim that.

Tony Lombardi said...

Given some recent developments, I think that it's important to clear up a few things regarding

The site is exclusively funded by 24x7 Network, LLC and D3 Corp. It is a 100% philanthropic effort born out of a collective sense of civic pride and love for Baltimore's Football Heritage. Not only do we not make money on the site, we are giving of our time and money to make it happen without knowing if we will succeed or fail.

Despite the Unitas family's support (via their signatures on the petition...even one from Johnny's granddaughter), we are being told (via a cease and desist order) to remove the image and likeness of Johnny U from by CMG Worldwide, Inc., (“CMG”), the worldwide licensing and legal representative for Unitas Management Corp. which is run by John Unitas, Jr.

Some of you may recall the Unitas We Stand song that was recorded by Tony Sciuto a couple of years back which was funded by the great folks of Ravens Roost 50. The proceeds of the CD sales were to benefit the children of the Ed Block Courgage Foundation. Unitas Management Corp squelched that despite the support of Sandra Unitas and her tears that the song evoked.

We'll continue on....but we hope that the community rallies around us even more. I know the Unitas family supports us...they've told us first hand and they acknowledge that Johnny would fully support us as well!

We hope you do to.

Our resolve has been tested yet strengthened!

Harryos29 said...

March 21, 2007
Having met the great Johnny Unitas on several occasions, I cannot believe that John would be anything,but %100 behind this effort. In Fact, John would NOT travel to Indianapolis to partake in any of the COLT ceremonies. Not sure who is behind the Unitas Management Corp, or whatever it is called? but they should be ashamed of themselves for issuing a Cease order to have Johns Picture removed from the Coltsheritige site. What is this world coming to? I'll tell you..its all about MONEY. Its terrible the way things are going. Once you hit age 60 (me) , you have a different perspective on the world and you find out that, it infact is Not all about the money...its about good PEOPLE, and IMHO we still outnumber the JERKS in this world.
Harry O' Sykesville, MD

Tony Lombardi said...

I did want to mention also, the resistance that we've received is from John, Jr. ONLY. Chad Unitas was heard on WHFS' KMS Show giving support, several from the Unitas family and circle of friends have signed the petition and Joe Unitas, will join me on April 1 in studio to discuss his feelings and offer even more support.

This is NOT a Unitas family decision. It is one from John, Jr. who unfortunately controls Unitas Management Corp.

He also was responsible for killing our efforts with a song entitled Unitas We Stand. Proceeds from the sale of that CD were to benefit abused children in cooperation of the Ed Block Courage Foundation.

I hope none of you can relate to his way of thinking and that we can come together without his support to alter the way Baltimore is presented in the Hall of Fame for the benefit of all Baltimore football fans, civic pride and for future sports generations here in The Land of Pleasant Living.

thundrbandit13 said...

AFter reading what has been going on I cannot help but feel that John Jr. is cut from the same stone as the Irsays. Following the same green colored carrots. To Squelch an endeavor to benefit child abuse (United We Stand) and now to put a cease and decist on the Colts Heritage. His own father requested that his image not be used in conjunction with the Indianapolis Colts. This is just total disrespect to his Father in my opinion and for what to continue to make a buck of his namesake? Can you explain yourself Junior? Inquiring minds would really like to know...... What are you thinking? I guess the civic pride that your father showed skipped a generation in your gene pool. As a Steelers fan I am hopeful that no "black sheep" from their family tree ever represents themselves as you have thus far.

Tony Lombardi said...

Looks like Steve Bisciotti has done his part in trying to restore or in his case preserve Baltimore's football heritage. Recently he came out of the closet to say that he was the anonymous bidder for all of the Johnny U artifacts and that he wanted to keep such things in Baltimore.

Here's to Steve B!

But hey, can you sign our petition?

And don't you just love this gem from John, Jr.:

"I'm glad Steve Bisciotti bought it," John Jr. said. "I think it's wonderful. It belongs in Baltimore."

Hey JJ, which side of your mouth did that gem spill out of?

I think your Dad's legacy and artifacts at the Pro Football Hall of Fame belong in Baltimore too. So why are you trying to prevent something that your Dad would have whole heartedly supported?

You can't have it both ways.

You end up looking like a hypocrite.

But hey, if the shoe fits...