Wednesday, March 07, 2007


When we started 24x7 and subsequently GAMETIME, one of first Ravens to extend his time to us was Edwin Mulitalo. I remember Edwin graciously setting aside a few moments to discuss the Ravens in between workouts, time with his family and a Sunday morning mass. That right there tells you so much about a man that I’ve come to respect and admire immensely.

Edwin is the consummate teammate. He never has a bad thing to say about anyone. He’s giving of his time to the community. He’s as humble as a down to earth next door neighbor and the quintessential family man – not to mention that he has been a very good football player for the Baltimore Ravens.

In the football business, you hear the term “glue guy” used to describe a player that is complementary in many ways and simply heightens the chemistry of a team on and off the field. Edwin is one of those “glue” guys in all walks of life.

Edwin has made himself available to many, many Ravens fans. He has taken the time when some have not. He has been to several Ravens-related bull roasts, community events and he’s taken several treks down to Ocean City to participate in the annual Ravens Parade. He’s an honorable man who one day should be among those in the Ravens Ring of Honor.

I’m a better person having had the opportunity to meet and talk to Edwin. There are probably many of you that have experienced the same distinguished pleasure. I invite you to share your stories here. Perhaps it will soften the blow of his departure.

Isn’t it ironic that such a happy, dependable man of Polynesian descent who has campaigned for the gift of music in Baltimore schools is departing in such an unexpected and somber way?

This news is hardly music to the ears and if it was, what a sad song it would be.

Thanks for the memories Edwin and thank you for setting the standard for style, grace, class, dignity, compassion and humanity in the NFL.

Yours will be very big shoes to fill.

Here’s to your future exceeding even the high hopes we have for you.


Anonymous said...

Tony Very Well Said !!!!

Thanks Edwin for all you did for Baltimore and we wish you all the best!

Rumor Ray

Anonymous said...

Edwin you will be missed like a cousin. I remember the first time you came to the Barn and did the dance for have been a wonderful friend to all of us. how can we think of the Ravens without you. It is so hard to see people we have come to know and love move on. I still miss Goose he was a wonderful friend to me. Edwin you shoes will never be filled you are a wonderful kind giving human being. My heart hurts today. God Bless you Buddy,

Anonymous said...


Gonna miss you guy. Thanks for all you did with your music program for the needy kids in Baltimore. Thanks for being a Raven. Try to remember us as your career moves forward.

Big Bird

Dave Pivec said...


The first memory I have of you is the first year you came to the Ravens at training camp. At that time, the Ravens put you guys on one side of the fence and us fans on the other. Everyone was chasing after Ray, or Jonathan or Priest but you had a little crowd around you. You had long hair at that time and I remember this boy asking for your autograph except he wasn't holding anything...he then asked you to sign his shirt while he was still in it!! The look you gave hime was priceless!

The second memory is when your sister(I think she was your sister) grabbed me to do a polynesian dance at the luau. Thanks for will always be family for us in Baltimore.

Harryos29 said...

Harryo29 March 7th
I want to Thank Edwin for his many appearances at Ravens Nest #14 in Eldersburg. He has been a true friend and just a great person. We will miss you Ed.
Harry O'
Sykesville, Md

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the hard work you have put in to being a champion Raven starter. All of that hard work has paid off over the years and I'm sure it will help you in your future.

You've set and example for the other Ravens players and organizations in your hugely successful charitable foundation and I hope that you will continuee to stay involved for any events that may come up. God bless you and good luck!

Mike C Roost # 82 said...

What a sad day. There are few who measure up to Big Ed. How many times have players suppose to come to our events, but didn't. Yet Edwin was always showing up to press the flesh with us fans. He even managed to come out to Putty Hill Station one night while still in his cast from surgery. I can't remember a time when he did not come to our OC convention, ride in the parade,and play volleyball with us on the beach. What a great friend to our Roost and the community at large. WE WILL MISS YOU THE MOST!!!!

Gods Speed Big Ed!

Anonymous said...

This news is breaking my heart. You have been such a good friend to Nest 10 over the last few years. You'll be sorely missed, both on and off the field. May you be blessed in whatever you do and whereever you go.

baltimore tailgator said...

You surely will be missed, both on and off the field. It has been a pleasure working with you and your foundation over the years. Stay in touch and God bless.

Your friends,

The Baltimore Tailgators Society

Henry D. said...

Thanks for everything. I've had a chance to have dinner with you and the BYU volleyball match was a blast as well. You were a great player and a better person. Hopefully they will find a way to bring you back but if not another city is going to get a good player and a great person. Keep up the volleyball skills and I hope to see you again soon.

Ravenwoman said...

Dear Edwin,

I hope you will be back with the Ravens in some capacity. You are the type of player that reminds us of yesteryear. You not only gave your life to the Ravens, but to all of us in the community. We will remember you and all of your kindnesses forever. We will miss you, but hopefully, not for long.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things about Big ED

First we would not have the festivus term with out him.

Second I love listing to him on 98 rock. It made my day when the raven lunitic music came on followed by him.

I remember being at training camp one time and I asked Ed for his autograph and like always he complied. But as he was doing so he was like Ray is coming, why you want mine. And my statement was, "Ed you are just as much a conerstone of this team as Ray is.

I know he felt this. I could see it in his eyes. Linemen do not get the credit they deserve. And he deserves as much as we can give him.

In a selfish way I hope no team will pay him his salary now and he comes back to Baltimore at a lesser price. Big Ed should retire as a Raven. But I understand the buisness side of it and wish Ed all the luck. Just keep calling in 98 rock so we can hear from you even if you are in another city.

Anonymous said...

Edwin, as a female football fan you by far are my favorite !!!!
I will wear my Big Ed #64 shirt proudly and will never forget you.
Continued success in all you do.
May God Bless you and your family
Stay in Touch !!!!Hope to see you at OC Convention and yearly Luau
Stephanie from RR #18

Anonymous said...

God Bless You in All That You Do
You have been a bud and friend ever since the convention parade when I dressed like a clown 5 years ago and harrassed you through the whole parade.I have continued to tease you because you are a real person and never put yourself above anyone.Myself and Ravens Roost 55 respect you and wish only the best for you and your family.
Our hospitality room last year was super when we sang. You always warm our hearts and you will always be OUR NO 1 MAN
Please keep in touch!~
Malinda Ravens Roost 55

Sherry said...

I first met Edwin in O.C. several years ago. We were at the Convention Center and I was calling a friend to see where he was. Edwin took the phone from me and made the call totally shocking my friend on the other line. He was my favorite Raven from that day on. At a later date my daughters asked why I didn't have a Jersey since I was such a Ravens fan. My answer was I couldn't find one with Edwins name on it, I received on for my birthday that year and promptly had Edwin sign it. I have worn it every season since, even having people ask me where I got his shirt from. He will be missed sorely not only by the community but by his fans. I wish him and his family the best in the future but I expect we will be seeing him one more time when he gets the Ring of Honor as I am sure he will.