Monday, March 05, 2007


Some have criticized Ozzie Newsome for his lack of aggressiveness in the free agent market. Others have lauded him for his patience.

Let’s face it, the Ravens weren’t far off in ’06 so why do anything drastic? And if they are as efficient in the ’07 draft as they were 11 months ago, there’s reason to believe the team will get better and there’s also reason to believe last year’s rookies will improve.

Yet probably the most important measuring stick for the Ravens is how they’ve improved relative to their divisional foes. Cincinnati is essentially status quo less Eric Steinbach. The Steelers will undoubtedly go through a year of adjustment. And the Browns are the Browns and still another season or two away provided Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage can hang on that long.

So while we all want the Ravens to improve the running game, maybe the best way for them to do so (and admittedly it’s certainly a less glamorous way) is to improve the offensive line and overall depth through the draft.

The Ravens chances of repeating as the AFC North Division Champ are certainly no weaker now than prior to the start of free agency. And from the looks of it, they should still be considered favorites.

To get to where they want to go, the Ravens have to take care of divisional business first. Then who knows? If they catch a wave of momentum like the Colts or like the Super Bowl XXXV Champs, well you know….

Meanwhile, why mortgage the future when you might not have to?


Harryos29 said...

Harryo29 March 6th 2007
I agree with Tony, why fix something if it isn't Broken? We will have an entire year of Billick calling the plays. My only hope is, who ever is at RB for the Ravens, that we run more sweeps and draw plays. I am a bit concerned about the offensive line tho.
Harry O
Sykesville, Md

Ravenwoman said...

I agree with Tony as well. It is insane what some of these free agents are getting, including our former beloved players, Thomas, Pashos and Mughelli. These teams will be asking these players to restructure their contracts in a few years and a few of them may be cut with no place to go.

We have players to replace them with, however, we have to use them. Next man up, baby! Dan Cody, get well and stay well. Same for you, Musa Smith. Mike Smith-- we need you now. Adam Terry-didn't we trade up for you? Get to work and be all you can be!

As far as the running back position, I really feel that if we can get and keep and decent offensive line that can run block a bit, our running back corp should be able to share the load and get the job done next year.

We need to find a way (if possible) to keep T. Suggs as his contract is up after this year and you know he sees dollar signs.

It's a compliment to the Ravens that everyone covets our players and in turn the Ravens hardly covet anybody.

Tony Lombardi said...

"The key is not to panic and have faith in the process," says Eric DeCosta, the Ravens' director of college scouting. "Where you get in trouble is when you lose free agents and try to compensate by signing other free agents. The comp picks often have more value than the free agents you could sign."

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Jamison Hensley not only participates on GAMETIME but also reads your blog...

Just look at his column today...