Thursday, March 08, 2007

McGahee A Raven: What's Willis Talkin' About Now?

Today the Ravens did the deal and Willis McGahee is now a Raven. While I like McGahee on the team’s roster, I’m not convinced yet that the price paid (a No. 3 pick in ’07 and ’08 plus a No. 7 in ’07) is fair. It could be.

The Ravens haven’t done well with No. 3’s in the past but justifying the picks with that type of thinking is without question a pessimistic approach and undermines the competency of the organization.

Instead, let’s look at like this….

This year’s No. 3 pick is the 92nd overall pick. Let’s plug in McGahee there. Given the team’s glaring need at RB and the limited quality at the position in this draft, that’s not too bad. This year’s No. 7 is now scheduled to be the 220th overall pick but remember, several fourth, fifth and sixth round compensatory picks will be plugged in ahead of that.

And speaking of compensatory picks, the Ravens are likely to land 3 to 4 of those for the departures last year of Chester Taylor, Tony Weaver, Maake Kemoeatu and Will Demps. Next year, the Ravens will certainly pick up a few more with this year’s losses of Adalius Thomas, Tony Pashos and Ovie Mughelli, all near the top of the food chain in terms of wages.

All of this is likely to ease the pain of the relinquished No. 7 and next year’s 3. Besides, the Ravens seventh round picks probably aren’t as good historically as their undrafted free agents.

You with me? You ok with this so far?

No here comes the “what if”.

What if the contract for McGahee guarantees the former Bill $16 million or more and he performs no better than Jamal Lewis? The bet here is that he will be a fairly measurable upgrade over the Jamal Lewis of 2004-06. Whether he is worth the handsome contract that Drew Rosenhaus undoubtedly orchestrated remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for the numbers….


Anonymous said...

TL - Here is a list of previous Ravens 3rd round picks. This has not been the best round for the black birds.

jay graham, c. redman, c. rabach, musa smith, d. darling, d. pittman.

McGahee is certainly an upgrade over Jamal. Hopefully the change in scenary will help his performance as his numbers are very pedestrian. Still, this is a good move.

Harryos29 said...

Harryo29 3 pm march 8th
I am very excited over the Willis signing. He is a big upgrade over Mr. Stutter Step. Nothing against Jamal, but like CLint Eastwood once said in a movie " He is a legend in his own mind" Jamal has lost several steps over the Running back whom we all adored when he ran for 2006 yards in 2003.
I just wonder about the Number situation; I cannot see C-Mac Givin up # 21??? Can you get a new AD Campaign going at Matthews Pizza for WILLIS WILLIS? Either way, this is one Ravens Fan who is happy.
Harry O'
Sykesville, Md

Anonymous said...

MPH- yes im happy that we got a good back like McGahee, but her's the real question, can we get a good line to push that defense out of the way. I mean if Ogden retires and Pashos is gone, what are we going to do. But im sure Ozzi will work things out with that extra cap space.