Friday, March 02, 2007

JOEY Gets The Boot From Steelers

Joey Porter was released by the Steelers. When you stop laughing and when you completely disregard any fleeting thought of Porter in a Ravens uniform, objectively consider the player. He’ll be 30 years old this month and has been on the decline for two seasons. He disappears when he goes up against a solid tackle and his limited success of late has more to do with his familiarity with the Dick LaBeau’s zone blitzing schemes than anything else.

Just what the rest of the NFL needs…a malcontent, crybaby, over-the-hill linebacker.
What goes around comes around, even in the NFL.

All that said, 2007 is looking more and more like an adjustment season for the Steelers.

Wonder if Todd Heap is laughing somewhere today…

Perhaps you are too!



Big B said...

LMAO! HAhahahahahahahahHAHhahaha!

pittric21 said...

"Just what the rest of the NFL needs...a malcontent,crybaby, over the hill linebacker." Sounds like a description of Ray Lewis to me. You can add that he also quit on his team in 2005!

Tony Lombardi said...

The Ravens are considering Joey Porter? Say it ain’t so!

The guy disappears against formidable tackles and he wants a raise. If he wasn’t worth a raise to the Steelers, why would he be worth it here?

When I spoke to Eric DeCosta on Friday I asked him if the Ravens were interested in Porter. He said no. But then again, he told me that if the Ravens had the first pick in the draft, they would take Joe Thomas. Maybe he was playing a little liar’s poker with me?

I hope not, at least in the case of Porter.