Friday, March 02, 2007


I read today that Everson Walls, the former Pro Bowl corner of the Dallas Cowboys donated one of his 47 year old kidneys to former teammate and dear friend, Ron Springs. Springs is the father of Redskins’ CB Shawn who states that, "Everything went really well [with the surgery]."

Ron Springs has struggled with diabetes fro 16 years and gets around in a wheelchair due to an amputated foot. He has also required dialysis three times a week. It is expected that Springs will no longer require the wheelchair and certainly not the taxing dialysis treatments, as he heals and heads towards recovery.

Do not underestimate the selflessness of Everson Walls. That is an amazing gift that he has bestowed upon his friend.

My Mom was a kidney transplant patient. For years she struggled with dialysis. I can remember picking her up from the dialysis unit at Maryland General Hospital after attending classes at Loyola College. I will never forget how drained she was from those treatments. I recall vividly helping her down those iron steps while exiting the unit, her weight completely dependent upon my support.

Mom’s transplant was a miracle. Her body accepted the donated kidney without any rejection period and it helped her to 10 more years of a vibrant life. Her new kidney came from a 20 year old man who died in a motorcycle accident. Dad was always thankful and often kidded that the man must have been a lunatic because my Mom's passion for life was unparalleled after the transplant.

I hope for that and more for the families of Ron Springs and Everson Walls.

Congratulations Ron and thank you Everson.

Somewhere my Mom is smiling...