Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Colts Heritage Petition/Resolution Unanimously Approved by City Council

Yesterday the City Council approved a nonbinding resolution calling on the Pro Football Hall of Fame to separate the history of the Baltimore Colts from the Indianapolis Colts. I’d like to thank City Councilman Bob Curran for his support and the others that I met yesterday who put their support behind the resolution.

The responses to coltsheritage.com and the accompanying petition to the Pro Football Hall of Fame have been overwhelmingly positive. Some of the unfortunately and sadly jaded within our fine community have criticized our efforts as a means of self promotion and for taking credit for something that was already in the works.

To those people (who thankfully are in the extreme minority) I say, “Who cares?”

Who gets credit for a successful crusade is irrelevant. What is relevant is that we are successful as a community. What is relevant is that we care about Baltimore’s Football Heritage and if somehow that is restored properly in the NFL’s ultimate shrine, how great would that be?

The Sun reported last Thursday that the HOF has already begun the process of making changes to their presentation and the Hall’s Joe Horrigan is on record saying, "The existing room that [Baltimore Colts fans] find most objectionable will be gone."

But does that mean it will be enough to please Baltimore Colts fans? Will the Colts have their own exhibit? Will their records stand alone? Will they be presented alongside the Ravens as a Baltimore City exhibit? Or will there be new objections that arise because the renovated display still falls short of expectations?

Time will tell but until these questions are answered we must continue to push and push. There will be no release from the pedal to the metal. Instead the integrity of the proverbial car’s floor board should be threatened by the pressure applied.

When we present this petition, I want to be able to look in the mirror and know that I’ve done my best, that together we’ve weathered the drivel of the unfortunate few extreme and jaded doubters who question the petition’s motive.

The motives are clear. Let’s restore Baltimore’s football heritage and let’s do something for the players that did so much for all of us all those years ago. It’s that simple.

Maybe one day, each of us can walk through the Pro Football Hall of Fame and see a display that properly presents our city and through our signatures, we can feel good about what we’ve collectively accomplished while the jaded among us can feel guilty for being cynical doubters.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Tony and on top of that, well done by the City Council. I implore all out there to forward the link to the movement to all friends and let's get those signatures up to 100,000. Finally, shame on anyone who thinks this is a self promotion! What a childish move....