Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Marty Schottenheimer’s firing is the big news today. I’ve been told that Bill Parcells and A.J. Smith, the Chargers’ GM, are pretty tight. Hmm, you thinking what I’m thinking? Parcells, like Nick Saban and basketball’s Larry Brown are quite the gypsy kings now aren’t they?

If Parcells does come out of retirement, not even 30 days into it, expect Jerry Jones to demand compensation. And to provide such compensation, my bet is that Michael Turner will be traded for as much as the Chargers can get. He will have no higher value than he has at the moment. Next year Turner will be an unrestricted free agent.

Some are wondering if Edwin Mulitalo will be back. I think he’ll be back, I’m just not sure about Mike Flynn. I’m equally unsure about Jonathan Ogden.

Questions & things that make me go hmm…

* Ever wonder who Jim Fassel pissed off?

* Have you ever thought about what Musa Smith might do if he could stay healthy just one full season AND be given a chance?

* Do you think Edgerrin James is upset?

* While watching Carson Palmer throw picture perfect deep passes in the Pro Bowl, I wondered what it might feel like to have a franchise quarterback like that.

* I wish Brian Billick would have simply said, “I stunk up the joint against the Colts and it won’t happen again!”

* The Ravens are boasting that there will be no ticket price increase in 2008. Why should there be? They hit us up for the ’07 and ’08 price increases in one year.

* Is there a bigger waste of money than Game 4 of the NFL preseason?

* I was fooled by the media build up to the announcement of Orioles pitcher Kris Benson’s injury. I actually thought there was going to be something more significant to report. Like the injury to Ravens’ mascot Poe who was hit in Hawaii by a car while he was riding on the back of a golf cart. FYI...the injured bird escaped with just a bruised talon.

* I guess the real news regarding Benson’s injury for some is that his wife Anna won’t be “playing” in any parking lot nearby you.

* Amber Theoharis is now on WHFS (105.7) Monday through Friday from 7-9PM. Her show is called the “A List.” Since we’re on opposite her Fridays on AM 1300, are we considered the “B List?”