Friday, February 16, 2007


Are you kidding me? Tell me this is a joke.

The promoters for the long awaited Police reunion tour call the Ravens to arrange for The Police to play at M&T Bank Stadium and the Ravens for all intents and purposes say, “Sorry, we have a practice game schedule for that day.”


The promoters were interested in have Sting and his deputies play on August 4 but the date conflicted with an as of yet unconfirmed preseason scrimmage or intrasquad session.

This from a team that on the drop of a dime can pull an outdoor summer camp practice at McDaniel College indoors at Owings Mills. Why not play the scrimmage at McDaniel where it had much more charm anyway?

Driven to tears…driven to tears.

Am I being too cynical here to suggest that the only reason that this won’t happen has to do with money? Somehow the Ravens must make more cha-ching on this lame scrimmage than The Police promoters are offering.

Martin O’Malley, surely you are a fan of The Police! Can’t you step in here? C’mon, maybe even the promoters will let you play guitar with them for a song. Whaddaya say Marty?

Maybe The Police can even dedicate a few songs to the Ravens if they move their “all important” scrimmage date:

You’ll Be Wrapped Around My Wallet
Every Breath You Take I’ll Be Charging You
DUH DUH, Do, Do, Do..DUH, DUH, Da Da
Profit by Numbers, 1 million, 2 million, 3

Lose to the Colts, Rex and AD could be leaving and now no Police. Since January 13, Everything They Do Is Tragic, Everything They Do Just Turns Me OFF!

Help I need somebody!!!

Oops sorry, wrong band….


Anonymous said...

I agree totally Tony. They have to be kidding. Arguable the biggest tour in history and they pull this stunt to block it? Cmon Ravens...reconsider....

MB Genius said...

Once that you've decided on a making a killing
First you make a stone of your heart
And if you find that your hands are still willing
Then you can make more money than art

Harryos29 said...

ARE YOU FREEKIN KIDDING ME? If they let the POLICE play..they could give back the ticket hike money right??

Not in my life time. What a crock?

All of the things coming out of ONE WINNING DRIVE lately, are driving me further and further away, from supporting this team. What is going on? I don't understand?
Harry in Sykesville

ravcol said...

Another nice return on the taxpayer dollar..we paid for the stadium, but the Ravens call the shots. Just come clean on the real reason..if its dollars then so be it. Is there any good news coming from the Taj Mahal in Owings Mills these days? Hey Steve, you can even price the tickets above the concert tour average..

Tony Lombardi said...

I spoke to a Ravens' official about this yesterday. The Ravens and the Redskins have an agreement that calls for them to alternate hosting the annual scrimmage. August 4 is the scheduled date.

I asked if it might be possible to do the scrimmage at McDaniel College on Friday and then allow The Police to play at M&T on Saturday (Aug 4). They said that the agreement calls for the use of the stadium and that McDaniel can no longer safely host the annual scrimmage.

The Ravens' spokesperson also went on to say that large musical acts like The Police typically structure very one-sided agreements in which they are the primary beneficiaries leaving little for anyone else. I was also reminded that Maryland charges a higher tax on these events than neighboring DC and Philly and that in part is why MD is passed up on for big acts at times.

And while this might be an acceptable reason for the Ravens inability to compromise with the promoter for The Police, you would think there might be some way to work this out.

My first question, "How important are these scrimmages anyway?" They are boring, they are really no different than a day at training camp - the only differences being the venue and the fact that the players aren't banging around their teammates.

My second question is a two parter: "If the Ravens only make a little money, what's the big deal? Aren't they helping the community whose tax dollar provided for the stadium that affords the Ravens a bonanza of profitability?"

Perhaps there's more than meets here and the promoter doesn't really have The Police locked up at all. Maybe he's simply trying to broker a "what-if" deal. At least I hope that's the case. Otherwise I'm seeing Steve Bisciotti and Gordon Gekko in the same vane...

Ravenwoman said...

This is truly horrible. This concert would really help the economics of Baltimore City as well as show other cities that Baltimore is on the map. It's awful that everytime a meaningful act is performing nationwide, our city is always excluded.

Years ago, we use to get big names out at Merriweather, but I never hear anything more about Merriweather? It must be out of business.

Anyway, this is a huge marketing mistake by the Ravens. I love the Police!!

purplehaze said...

Can you say OVER REACTION???

I love the Police too. But consider for a second if the Ravens moved the scrimmage to DC, or moved it to McDaniel?


People would be screaming about the Ravens chasing the moola for the Police and sacrificing the football fan.

Chill out already. Thank you, Tony, for cleaning it up at the end. I hope HarryO hasn't slit his wrists already.

Anonymous said...

I have waited for a Police concert since I saw them on August 22nd, 1983. I'll just have to spend my money in a neighboring city - gladly. I'm embarassed to live in Baltimore. Looks like I should have stayed in Annapolis as it is closer to culture... in DC.

Anna-Glen Burnie said...

OMG!!! This is my ULTIMATE conflict of interest. I am a HUGE Ravens fan, but also a HUGE Police fan. Surely some kind of arrangement can be made to accommodate everyone and this once in a life time Police event. It is only 1, maybe 2 nights. PLEASE somebody, Come on??? Who do I talk to? Who do I have to beg and plead with?? I've been waiting 20 years for this , and I've never seen them live. I was starting to think noone knew where Baltimore was, now I see Baltimore isn't letting them in.I had always hoped that M&T would someday attract this type of event. I'm so pissed right now I can't see straight.