Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The NFL is considering a three-strikes-you’re-out policy. But what constitutes a strike? How many at bats do you get? If you graduate from West Virginia, do you get two at bats? Three?

Chris Henry and Pacman Jones represent the extreme minority in the NFL but if these players are still extended the privilege of playing professional football and reaping the rewards, what message does that send aspiring NFL players in college and high school?

Jones and Henry are thugs. They are an embarrassment. They take advantage of their employers, their teammates and their team’s fans. When does it end? When a stripper’s head doesn’t bounce off the dance floor but splatters instead?

Last year the Ravens really made a concerted effort to draft good football players who were also good guys. And it worked. Let’s hope other teams are paying attention. Just say no to thugs and send a message to players like Jones and Henry who entered the NFL draft with red flags.

When did Marvin Lewis become a martyr? When was he anointed with healing powers for the chronically corrupt?

No one asked me but since this is my blog, I’m blogging it….a strike should be a legal infraction that results in an arrest regardless of the court verdict. How many times can a player be in the wrong place at the wrong time? And again, no one asked me but if there is more than one offense during a single arrest, each offense should count as a strike.
Look, if you worked at McDonald's and you were arrested three times and missed work, do you think you'd keep your job? I DON'T THINK SO! You'd get McGrilled and so should the three count offenders.

Here’s to Commissioner Roger Goodell doing his best Nolan Ryan impersonation when taking on these losers.


skaybaltimore said...

Given the high profile of NFL players, the temptation for false charges to be filed by unscrupulous individuals, and the inability of the players to control the situation when such false charges have been filed, I feel that only convictions, not charges, should be counted.

Tony Lombardi said...

What are the Titans waiting for, some salary cap relief or exemption? Since being the team’s No. 1 pick in 2005, Pacman Jones has had 10 skirmishes with Johnny Law. Now there are reports that he’s admitted to firing up a bit of Mother Earth for recreational pleasure and isn’t concerned about the “random” drug testing by the NFL because he knows when the “random” tests will occur.

Is that an admission by the Titans that they know Jones is a pothead and they want him to test clean to save face.

Look, if the Titans want to save face, they have no choice but to wash their hands of this dirtball! Not during the season, not next week – NOW!