Saturday, February 03, 2007


One day after The Commish Roger Goodell delivers this gem, "We are raised to a higher standard in the NFL. We must make sure the players are more accountable and our clubs are more accountable", Michael Irvin is elected to the Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile Art Monk is on the outside looking in.

Perhaps I'm mistaken...did they mean Hall of Shame?


What a joke!

Tums anyone?


Big Meaty said...

I guess Irvin sold some of these voters some of the good rock candy.

I don't much care that Irvin made it in, but making it and Monk is still waiting is a crime. Monk only led the NFL in receptions when he retired. Ridiculous.

You know, the Hall of Fame really needs to take the voting away from the writers. Merril Hoge mentioned that today and I thought it was a good idea, although I agree with Theismann that it will never happen. Look at some of these writers. Who are they? Some of them never even saw Monk play. Don't know his value. Get a panel of Hall of Famers, coaches, etc that really understand the game and a player's value.

Here's one Ravens fan hoping that a Redskin gets in before he dies.

Tony Lombardi said...

Kurt Backert's article leaves no room for anyone to argue on behalf of Michael Irvin without arguing on behalf of Art Monk.

Harryos29 said...

HARRYO29 Feb 10th
What a joke.???..this Redskin is a great humanitarian. I've been to the football Camp that he holds(for the kids) yearly up at Mc Daniel College... what a giving man..and you are correct..when he retired ..he was the All time Leader in Receptions... Theismann is right..
Just another WRONG that needs to be our former owner..Arthur B Modell.. this is the biggest sin of all.. This man is directly responsible for laying the ground work for all of these TV Riches the players enjoy today.
Ann Coulter wrote a book about the presidency ..titled "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" well this applies in both IRVINS case and Modells...
Harry O' in Sykesville, Md

Anonymous said...

TL - Be careful what you say. Many people in this country still think Ray Lewis murdered those guys in Atlanta and that at a minimum, he covered up what they did. If you watched the trial like I did, you know he had nothing to do with the murder and that he testified about what he knew. However, Ray is guilty to many in the court of public opinion. Without a doubt, he is the best defensive player of the last decade and a worthy hall of famer. However, when his playing days are over, and we all want one the face of the franchise honored in the hall of fame, there will be many saying he is a disgrace. It will not be pretty.

Tony Lombardi said...

No question that when Ray is eligible for the Hall of Fame, that incident in January, 2000 will undoubtedly be an issue and I wouldn't be surprised if it kept Ray from the Hall on the first ballot. That said, LT was hardly an angel and he went in on the first ballot.

My argument against Irvin is that you can't put him in without putting Art Monk, particularly when comparing the two careers. Monk's exclusion is a travesty. Irvin's inclusion relatively speaking is a JOKE!