Thursday, February 15, 2007


February is by far the worst month of the year. It serves up the very sobering thought that the NFL season is over, college hoops just seems so mundane for the moment, there’s no baseball yet and the weather sucks. And then there’s the fake holiday of Valentine’s thrown in there just to force you to dip into your pocket a bit deeper or suffer the wrath of a woman slighted by the lack of love in the air.

Thankfully the month is only 28 days long. Unless of course you consider leap years and they add that extra day in there. What’s up with that and what does a leap have to do with anything. They act like they’re doing us a favor sticking that extra day in there.

Why not make the month shorter?

Wouldn’t that make it easier to leap over?

I sure do hope this Arena Football League takes off here in Baltimore. Remember the days of The Blast during their heyday? That mistake on Howard Street (aka First Mariner Arena) was packed and it helped to bridge the days between football and baseball and it helped to occupy our wintry blasted minds until March Madness.

Of course in those days we didn’t have a NFL team of our own and we actually had a baseball team that was still in the race at the All Star break.

Thankfully there’s the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Hey, maybe we should do one of those here on 24x7.


Ravenwoman said...


I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. Everyday, I am reaching all over the internet to find any new tidbit about the Ravens. I fell out of love with the Orioles years ago and my reasons are too numerous to mention. It wasn't all Peter Angelos, either. I do get a little excited about March Madness, but Nascar racing bores me. The NFL draft is interesting, but trying to predict how the board is going to fall at slot #29 is about as hard as predicting the grid for the NAAC tournament.

Harryos29 said...

Harryo29 Feb 25th
Tony is so...Right on about February. I just came in from Walking behind the Snow blower. I did my driveway and my buddy across the street who works on Sunday. All I got for my efforts was a wet hat and jacket.
Ravenwoman is in the same boat as I am. But I came to the right site.(Profootball24x7) !!!
Yes, Tony, please do the Swimsuit Calander, but watch out for the Patent POLICE...opps there is that word again. A Group that Baltimoreians will Not Be able to see, since the Redskins Scrimage has been Deemed more important..and August 4th is a date cast in stone.
I'm like Jerry McGuire as far as the Orioles go. Show me that you are still in the Race on Auguest 31st..but by then I will be drooling over the Ravens.
No more Snow..please....
Harry O'
Sykesville, md