Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Smith & Dungy Represent More Than African Americans

I was happy to see Rob Long take the stance that he did on the media's excessive preoccupation with race as it relates to the head coaches of Super Bowl XLI, Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy. In this week’s edition of the Press Box Long writers, “I’m not saying we shouldn’t acknowledge Smith's and Dungy's milestones, but in the end, the focus on these men should be about their tremendous work ethic and the positive effect they have on their respective teams, not their race.”

Rob Long, you have said what most of us have thought but didn’t say so as not to offend or disrespect your African Americans heritage.

What we know about Smith and Dungy is that they share a common and inspiring work ethic as Long suggests. They represent their organizations well, they are trusted and admired by their players and that they are outstanding coaches in addition to being classic gentlemen. They embody the expression "role model" regardless of their color.

These men should be as proud to represent their heritage as any other man regardless of race. But to overemphasize race, takes from their individual achievements. I'm simply proud that they represent the NFL and America.

Hey Rob, can you send your column over to Shannon Sharpe?


Harryos29 said...

I read Longs comments on the day that it came out. hit the nail on the head. Good man.
However, you need to send a copy to Shannon Sharpe.
Its a shame that one of these coachs has to loose on FEB 4th, but that is football.
Harry O' Sykesville