Wednesday, January 10, 2007


On Tuesday Rex Ryan made this plea to the fans: "If the crowd can just hold on for about five seconds when [the Colts] get to the line - just kind of hang in there for five seconds - that way we can communicate with ourselves on defense, and then [fans can] pick the tone up the rest of the time through.

"So, if we could do that it would be great," he continued with a smile. "If you forget, we'll live with it."

He was kidding right?

To try and orchestrate such a 5 second window of silence would only serve to subdue the crowd. Why give Peyton Manning any chance to organize his troops. Chances are he will start the game with a no huddle. So when would Rex like us all to remain silent? The results would be like asking a band that hadn’t played together before to perform a song they haven’t heard before.

He really was kidding, wasn’t he?

Here’s Ray Lewis on how crowd noise will affect the Colts:

"You go to play them in Indy, and of course we'd play them well, but then everybody could hear his checks. He’d get with Marvin [Harrison], he'd get with Reggie [Wayne] and all those guys, and they could hear his checks clearly.

"For Peyton Manning to try to come up and do all those checks, now, everything has to be hand signals. The crowd affects everyone who comes [to our stadium]. It creates false starts, creates so many different advantages for our defense."

Now that's more like it.

Rex stick to what you do so very, very well….orchestrate the defense. Trying to use the mute button on your remote on what promises to be a boisterous crowd of epic proportions for five seconds will only serve to weaken one of the home field advantages.

Just ask your team captain.


Big Meaty said...

Yeah, I thought that was interesting when I saw that on WBAL. Why even air that? I'm not the best defensive coordinator in the league or anything, but I am pushing for the fans to be loud even during the huddles.

I agree that the Colts will come out no huddle and will use it frequently but they won't stay in it. I think we as fans should make it hard for Peyton to even call plays in the huddle. If our noise costs him 3 or 4 more seconds in the huddle, that's less time he can read the defense and make calls at the line.

I've been dreaming about this game every night this week so far. Let's get it on.

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, this makes us, as fans, look pretty stupid if we don't follow what he is saying. The d needs to make their intial communication and then you can cheer. Bart Scott said start at 15 seconds. Rex said if you there is any doubt, just cheer like hell and they'll deal with it. Bottom line, when Manning is on the line barking out signals and trying to communicate with his guys, make some noise! It's very rare the crowd is at maximum voice for the entire 25 seconds anyway.

Tony Lombardi said...

Seems to me that Manning benefits from the silence much more than the Ravens defense would. You only need to hear it from Ray's perspective (see above). I think he'd know better than most.

BigE said...

Not only do I plan on screaming the whole game, I want to stand the whole game too. I hope those around me do the same, for that matter the whole stadium should. I am so jacked, I am ready for this game NOW. I just hope I can sleep the night before.

Anonymous said...

Just got an e-mail from the team (I am a PSL on mailing list) asking for the 5 secs of silence. So, I take they ARE serious about it.