Friday, January 19, 2007


Last night while listening to the Adalius Thomas show I had this sinking feeling that maybe I was listening to AD as a Raven for the very last time. It felt in many ways like saying goodbye to a friend not knowing if or when you might see each other again.

During the show, AD’s wife Sheri spoke briefly about their lives upon arriving in Baltimore. She said that they came into town in cars from college and they rented an apartment. Now their standard of living has improved, paralleling the plight of AD’s career. Yet she was quick to give AD credit saying that despite his success, he has remained the same grounded man throughout, unspoiled by riches and accolades.

AD is not only an exceptional athlete, he’s an exceptional human being. It’s rare that we get to experience first hand in these modern times, a player as gifted and as humble as AD. His is the consummate teammate, leader, community spokesperson and activist. On and off the field, his shoes are too big to fill. His departure would leave a gaping hole in Baltimore.

Yet we know the NFL to be a business. Its employees remind us all too often. And in this age of the salary cap, it is very possible that last night’s show was AD’s last. The Ravens would love to keep him but they might not be able to afford him.

Couldn’t he make money in other ways outside of the Ravens? Couldn’t he become the local spokesperson for Under Armor or Legg Mason or Alex Brown or Johns Hopkins or Black & Decker or McCormick Spice or all of the above? And couldn’t the value of such endorsements offset the hometown discount that might enable AD to stay?

Hey, what is Bubba Smith’s law firm doing these days for a spokesperson?

Can’t the Ravens force all new incoming players to buy their new homes through Sheri Thomas who is a real estate agent? That might help, right?

Business is business and AD has to take care of his. Whatever he does, naturally we wish him well. How could we not? We just wish it could be here in Baltimore.

They don’t build them like No. 96 any more.

Let’s hope the Ravens realize that and find a way…


Fanman said...

AD should be THE priority in the off season.

ravcol said...

The front office should get creative about finding the salary cap $$ for AD. They already get a $6-7 M bump as the cap rises to $109M. Ray could take $2M cut (to $7M) to play here next year, McNair could chip in $1-2M from next year since he didn't show up when it counted, and Samari Rolle will be a nickel back so pay him like one, take $1M off of his salary next year. That's four to six million from veterans who hopefully will realize their true values and help retain th team MVP.
Both Manning and Brady have chipped in, or offered to, to keep certain players. Who's a team player out there? (Ogden, unfortunately, is too cheap to get anything out of him)

Anonymous said...

What's the possibility the Ravens slap the franchise tag on him?

BigE said...

I hope we can keep A.D. like everyone else but if not we need to get something for him. Tag and trade or something. The truth is the Ravens have big $'s already at the LB position, so I see it as being really difficult to keep A.D.

HARRYO29 said...

HARRYO29 Jan 20th 9:50 pm
I agree that AD is the MOST Valuable Raven who may hit the streets for BIG Money Elsewhere( 49ers? Philly? KC?...but don't go to Cleveland)
If they let Jamal Go and try to resign him at a Reduced Rate..and get a few others to CHIP in...we may be able to keep this truely UNIQUE player.. I know that Ozzie knows what he has here; and there is no way to draft a player who could step right in and perform at the same level, as AD.
Lets home things turn around now for the Ravens, after that awful embarassing Loss to the DOLTS.
Harry O
Sykesville a Ravens Nest Member

Deldog said...

Ad is the embodiment of what it means to be a Raven on and off the field. By hook or crook, we must keep him!

Sonny said...

Sonny said.....

I have spent as much time around the Raven's this year as any fan believe me. With respect to AD he has not only played football to the highest degree but he has become a Baltimorian. He shows his love for this city and does his job better than any player I have ever seen. My kids are twin 17 year old and have said themselves how losing AD would hurt the team we all love. Now let's think of creative ways to save him from becoming a player against us which I firmly believe he does not want to do. I see absolutely no value to keeping Jamal so can't we use his $$ to be creative. I am sure there are other opportunities to get even more creative. It is time for the organization we all love and support to stand behind us in making AD's contract happen. Good luck Ravens and see you in next years Super Bowl....

Brad said...

I am 15 years old and I have been a diehard Raven fan since they came to Baltimore in 1996. I have grown up watching this team and watching the players like Ray and J.O and Matt Stover. Sure they have been the face of the franchise and still are but they are becoming old and will not play much longer. Even though I wish they would play forever but I know the reality of football and I know the will retire soon. But getting to A.D. He has a lot more good seasons and if we would lose him we would lose part of our face and part of the defense at the same time. It would be like the Orioles losing Brian Roberts who is the new face of that franchise. And I would not like to see the Ravens go into a slide like the Orioles did when Ripken retired leaving them with no big name players that grew up in the system for us to root for until Roberts came up. So that is why I think the Ravens need to sing A.D not just for the defense but for popularity and fan appeal. He has become one of my favorite players over the last season. So to let him go would be a really bad mistake and knowing are luck someone in the division would pick him up and he would have to play against us. That would be a bad day when that happens and I hope it never will. But GO RAVENS!!!! They will be back next year and I cant wait to see the colts again to get some revenge.