Saturday, January 06, 2007


Some are celebrating the resignation of Bill Cowher. I’m not one of them. Sure, Cowher’s snarl, chin (I swear he was often striking the pose for the cameras) and his weekly impersonations of Daffy Duck where both irritating and at times humorous. But I respect him as a coach and I respect his accomplishments. I for one will miss him because he helped make the Ravens/Steelers rivalry a fierce one. His competitive nature and combative style and fearless approach to managing games with gadget plays and fake punts, helped to make the rivalry engaging and entertaining.

Without Cowher, the Steelers are weaker not just due to the absence of his leadership but also due to the rippling affect it will have on his very solid coaching staff. Chances are the Steelers will turn their sideline over to one of two assistants, Russ Grimm or Ken Whisenhunt. If the nod goes to Grimm, Whisenhunt is likely to walk. That leaves the Steelers with an inferior head coach to Cowher and in essence two assistants that will no longer be acting as assistants.

A good rivalry requires competitiveness. The Steelers might not be quite the challenge as they've been under Cowher, at least not for awhile. And that isn't good for Baltimore and the NFL.


ravcol said...

I pity the poor sap who is first to literally feel the wrath of Cowher upon his return to the coaching ranks during training camp. Two years of saliva will have been built up when he lets fly with that first spewing wad. An extra towel will come in handy

OldCleat said...

I just heard that Mike Ditka is a candidate to be the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tony Lombardi said...

Ditka on a Steelers sideline...if that's what we need to get him off TV then best of luck there Levitra Mike. Let's see if you can lift the Steelers too!