Tuesday, January 09, 2007


If you happened to meet Dr. Emmett Brown best known for his time machine in Back to The Future and he allowed you one ride to go back in time to that infamous snowy night on March 28, 1984, what would you do?

Knowing what you know today, that the Browns would eventually come to Baltimore and become the Ravens…that in their fifth season in Baltimore the Ravens would produce a Super Bowl Championship while playing in a beautiful state of the art stadium adjacent from the jewel of baseball parks at Camden Yards, both of which are arguably byproducts of the Colts move to Indianapolis…that Cleveland, the city abandoned by the Browns would get a new team and keep their colors, name and history…and the team that left you in 1984 would still be seeking its second Super Bowl victory (the first coming in January, 1971 in Super Bowl V)…after all that, would you go back and undo history to keep the Colts in Baltimore?

If you are one to say that things happen for reasons and that even if given the opportunity to ride in Doc Brown’s DeLorean you would take things as they are, that’s acceptable and understandable.

However, if you are one of those that would take that ride, what would you do and what change would you try to affect that might permanently change the history of the NFL and the Baltimore Colts -- a change that would fill that 13 year gap here in Baltimore without the NFL and restore the city’s heritage?

Would you take Irsay to happy hour and convince him to sell the team? Would convince him to wait? Or would you go back further in time than March 28, 1984 to the date John Elway was traded and affect that signing -- a signing then-Colts GM Ernie Accorsi swears would have happened? Or might you go back to the day that Irsay bought the team from Carroll Rosenbloom?

Or is there something else you would do?

Bring it on …we want to know!



The Wiz said...


We could have saved them by just promising to build a new stadium and making a few improvements at the old place. He was a jerk but even he knew a new stadium would make him the money he wanted. Jimmy said that afterward, the only thing he wanted was a promise of a new stadium. The problem I have is that Baltimore knew with the Raiders 2 yeasrs before that a move could be made and the politicians still did not react. They thought it was still a sport and not a business, Al Davis ended that. We just caught in between before the NFL was all about money and still a sport. Mayor Schaeffer and Baltimore had no idea of the playing field they were on at the time, rukles of engagement changed. Today it would have been easy to keep them.

Anonymous said...

What makes me most proud of the Ravens is that as an organization they are the best. One needs to look no further than the Orioles to answer whether you wanted the Irsays to continue to own the Baltimore Colts.

We have a gem of a baseball stadium. One that set the standard for all future stadiums. Yet I would trade that for an owner who understood the fans side. Where instead of measuring every decision in terms of what it costs him, he would use fan goodwill as the overriding factor.

metro said...

Well, since we are going back in time, I would have made a killing in the stock market. I would have bought the Colts and the Orioles. Since I am the richest man in the world, I would have bought off a few politicians and convinced them that it would be in their best interests to build me a state of the art stadium complex. Under my ownership, the Orioles and the Colts would be model organizations eventhough their owner is less than a model citizen.

I am happy with the Ravens. I don't begrudge the good people of Indianapolis their team. I would just like to see the Colts name and history associated with the city of Baltimore where it belongs. Now if I was just fabulously wealthy....

HARRYO29 said...

Just returned from PA.. cannot believe the current POLL is %50 - %50 on the issue of the colts leaving...#$%#$%#% what the #$%#%$ are these people thinking??? ...yea.. I'm 63 years old.. and remember UNITAS' first pass...and I was there in section 35 when he submitted for Marty Domres .. when he passed 63 yards to EDDIE HINTON against the Bills , for his last Pass in Balto, in his last year in Balto.. 1972?.... I am currently reading the new book "JOHNNY U" by Tom Callahan... I'm on page 202 now... and cannot put it down.. there is so much in this book.. that I thought I knew...but didn't know... PROPS to the Author.. another IRISHMAN... If the City of INDY , could only feel 1% of what those of us, who BLED BLUE, felt back then....they would tar and feather the IRSAYS for their crimes.. yea.. Jimmy is on the front page of the paper today.. its not his fault.. his father was the JERK..
Harry o

Ravenwoman said...

I like what we have now, a great owner, a great organization from the top down and players that play with a passion. None of this would have happened under the Irsay ownership, past or present. I am a Ravens fan for life. I have moved on. . . but

If I could go back in time, I would have had the NFL make the Irsay family surrender all rights and ownership to the name "Colts", the colors, the horseshoe, the Super Bowl V trophy, and anything remotly related to the proud history of the Baltimore Colts. I would have "banked" that name until a new franchise was awarded our town. That way, the history of Baltimore football would not have been disconnected like it is now with Baltimore Colts 1949-1983 and Baltimore Ravens 1996 - Forevermore. The Cleveland Browns have their history except for the years 1996-1998.

Anonymous said...

Let this go!!!! Ravens need all good Karma for this weekend. GO RAVENS!

Anonymous said...

Hell no let the bums go... but I wished we would have pursued them for our colors... It's a fact that Irsay owns the team, but this city named this team and made this team and the colors and the memories should have been forever enshrined here in Baltimore. That is why Art Modell is such a classy guy, he left Cleveland but respected their support for the Browns and left the colors, name, and history for that city to have and own forever...

But when it come to the Ravens and Biscotti and Newsome, they are as classy of a football operation that the NFL has. I love our Ravens and cherish what they have done to the city I love soo much

We have a far better owner who lets football people do what they do best...

Go Ravens let your beaks pecks the hell out of those ponies ass.

From Big Al aka Sharp Shorty

Harryos29 said...

Tony, Jan 11, 2007
The countdown, is almost over til 4:30 pm Saturday.
I just read all of the BLOGS and I think RAVENWOMAN has it right. What else can we say?
We do have a great owner and great organization. I've seen the operation up close and personal, as a worker for S.A.F.E. these past 2 summers , working at Training Camp in Westminster. Everything they do ...is first class all the way.
Go Ravens,,BEAT the COLTS
Harry O'...Sykesville

Kurt Emmert said...

First off let me say that I am a Steelers fan living in Indy. This is not a good sports town. I lived just outside of Baltimore when the Colts left, Fort Meade. I give Colts fans a hard time because since they have left Baltimore, they still have not won the SB and the Ravens have. Heck, Baltimore has even won a Canadian Football League championship. So I would say you are better off. This weekend against the Colts, I am a Ravens fan. The rest of the year,
P.S.-I do miss living in MD. :(

BigE said...

I would just like to see the separation of the "indy Colts" and the "Baltimore Colts". To say indy has won superbowls and nfl championships is misleading at best, dishonest and dispicable at worst. Lifelong indy residents have never had the feeling and to say they have a history before 1984 is distorting history. Baltimore has lived and died with all of it's teams. We as a city have won and lost, cheered and booed, rejoyced and rebuilt, and felt those events to our core. You can't take that away, and I hope we never let them forget it's our history no matter how they write it in their books.

Tony Lombardi said...

It's time that poor poor pitiful Jimmy Irsay starts walking the walk and not just talking the talk...return part of Baltimore's heritage and dignity...the pre-1984 records...that's NOT asking a lot.

Records and players' legacies belong in the city in which they were established. Hall of Famers like Berry, Moore and Donovan have been raped by your Irsay World.

Prove that your words to The Sun's Rick Maese weren't empty. Put up our just perpetually SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

If I had the time machine the only thing I would have done was go back and tell Ozzie not to draft Travis Taylor