Tuesday, December 19, 2006


At the moment I’m out of town on biz and I happened to get a copy of The Sun. So I look at the cover and what do I see? Ravens fans celebrating a Colts’ touchdown at the ESPN Zone. Why?

Am I missing something here?

Why are fans setting their sights so low? Clearly the Ravens aren’t overwhelmed by their AFC North Championship. So why are you? Isn’t your bar set as high as the Ravens’? Doesn’t Super Bowl Champion have a better ring to it than AFC North Champion?

Silly question I know but here’s a more pertinent one – wouldn’t such a championship be more attainable as a No. 1 or No. 2 seed with the path to Miami traveling through Baltimore? So GO BENGALS, right? Colts drop to the third seed…more home playoff games…Yahoooooo right?

Well apparently not for some with less ambition….

I happened to be rooting for the Bengals almost like they were the Ravens. And I am sure glad that I am not a Bengals fan. Did Jim Fassel design that offensive game plan? Matt Cavanaugh? That was a joke. I bet Carson Palmer is pretty sore today. That Bengals offensive line was an absolute sieve. Conversely the Bengals defensive front seemed to be counting to 7 Mississippi before rushing Peyton Manning.

Anyway, I had to take a shower after watching that game. The stench of being a Bengals’ fan for 3 hours was unbearable.

Never again!

Unless of course a Cincinnati win benefits the Ravens or they are playing the Steelers.

Speaking of which, can you believe the Ravens are 3 point dogs against the Stillers this week? Didn’t we just beat them like a drum 4 Sundays ago?

Hello, McFly?

More on that later…


HARRYO29 said...

My Gosh.. we do have some Ravens fans in this TOWN. who need a visit from COOL HAND LOOK.. "TO GET THEIR MIND RIGHT...."
I was rooting as hard as I could for the Bengals last nite. You are right on.. Cavenaugh and Fassel must have been contracted by Marvin Lewis to devise that Game plan..#$%#$%#$
What were they Thinking? With the Gun that Carson Palmer has.. and those speedy Wide Receivers..Johnson and "WHOSE YOUR MAMA" .. he should have lit up the RCA DOME last nite..instead..screen passes to Kenny Watson and running Rudi Johnson..that would have been fine.. if the Bengals "D" had shut down Marvin Harrison.. but they Didn't.. and now the Ravens are in a Precarious situation for Home Field... SOME PEOPLE???
Harry o' Sykesville 3:50 pm Dec 19th p.s. Happy Birthday TONY

Anonymous said...


OK, so the Colts won, and we are currently not seeded 2nd with 2 games to go, BUT.....

The way I look at it, getting to the show requires that you play well and hopefully play the teams you match up well against. That being said, I don't want to face the Bengals again, nor do I want to play any AFC North rival. Let the Bronco's beat the Bengals next week, and Seattle beat the Chargers and we win out, and we have all we need.

Had the Bengals won, we would have to face them, and as we have seen, they can give us problems. But as it stands now, they will have thier hands full beating Denver and Pittsburgh to get in.

In addition, assuming we get the number 2 seed, then the Colts will have to face either the Bronco's, Chargers, or the Jag's (maybe even Jets). They all play the Colts tough, and that would work out perfect for the Ravens.

HARRYO29 said...

I would like to Comment on "YEAHRAVENS" blog..
Good Analysis... the big IF is ..can we win out..???
The Stillers must be hoppin mad in "Don-Ton" Pittsburgh,,,, after the Thrashing the Ravens gave them when we beat them up 27-0..
We need to Rush the ever-livin stuffin out of Rothlisberger next Sunday..to have a Chance in STEEL TOWN..
Another reason we must win.. I have lots of Relatives up there..and I need the Bragggggin Rights this year..
harry O Dec 19th 5:10 pm

Anonymous said...

The bookies set lines to get equal betting on both sides, the line will move a bit if money is too heavy on one side. Your note about the Stealers poor record vs. the line makes the point. The Stealers have a larger fan base, they bet more money on their team than most so the bookies skew the line a bit to draw more action on their opponent to even the betting out. Since the loser pays a 10% premium as long as the get the money bet evenly they are guaranteed 5% of all the money played.

In other words, the bookies don't gamble. There isn't a single bet in a casino they can lose on over time. There is only one bet in a casino that pays even money and the better craps players can tell you what that is.

Back to the point, the lines are a reflections of the bettors, not the bookies. The bookies just want an even split of action to guarantee their juice.