Sunday, December 03, 2006


Ok, how many of you thought the Ravens would run the table after Pittsburgh? If your hand is in the air was that really realistic? (I’m lowering my hand now by the way.)

Let’s face it, the odds were stacked against the Ravens in Cincinnati from day 1. Very short week after a facing their bitter rival, the Steelers. You know the rest.

What I don’t get is the response to the loss from many here in Baltimore. Can we have a little faith?

We’ve seen it time and time again in the NFL -- teams that can weather adversity will be successful. Look at the Ravens in 2000, the Patriots in 2001, the Steelers in 2006. They got it together and battled through difficult times and they were rewarded for their ability to handle adversity.

They say you learn more about a man during adverse times than during prosperous times. The same thing can be said about teams. The same can be said about fans!

The 2006 Ravens are NOT the 2005 Ravens. That team last year didn’t buy into their head coach’s message. They lacked discipline and when the season got away from them quickly the focus was far from the team on more on their individual careers. Maybe even the assistant coaches had doubt and worried for their careers. Matt Simon apparently did. Maybe they were already circulating their resumes anticipating that it might be Brian Billick’s turn in the queue at the head coaching guillotine.

Instead Billick visited the head coaching woodshed, took his beating like a man and made the necessary adjustments. So has the team and so too have the assistant coaches.

My bet is that the Cincinnati loss will be a good loss. I expect the Ravens to look hard in the mirror; to see the errors of their Thursday Night ways and fix them. I believe in Brian Billick. I believe in Steve McNair. I believe in Ray Lewis. I believe that their collective leadership will bring this team together and use the Cincinnati loss as a learning tool and prove to the thin-skinned bandwagon fans the value of maintaining focus throughout the journey of a NFL season.

After all at the end of a season or journey, it’s not how you get there but that you arrived and enjoy the spoils of a goal fulfilled.

I think the purple and black are on to something. I think they are going to play well in KC and whether they win that game or not, I think they have the character that it takes to run the table after that.

12-4 and a home playoff game.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Buckle up, enjoy the ride and trust the driver will ya?


Anonymous said...

How many people at the beginning of the season had the Ravens at 9-3 at this point? Once the Ravens have the division sewn up the bandwagon will be full again.

I tell ya though, the Thursday lost hurt more after seeing the score of the Indy-Tenn game.

One more thing, how many turned the channel at halftime of the Sea-Den game when they said they'd be talking to Chad Johnson at the half?