Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Super Bowl win could mean losses

This football season is beginning to feel quite familiar. Here comes that Festivus feeling again and given the presence of Peter Angelos and that losing feeling that settles in here in the Land of Pleasant Living around April 15, wouldn’t another Lombardi look good out there in Owings Mills?

Who could deny that such a sight is within the realm of possibility? After all the current media darlings, the San Diego Chargers, are a team that lost to the Ravens when the Ravens were hardly at their best. They could lose to the Ravens again regardless of the venue. After all Marty Schottenheimer is still their head coach and Marty on the sidelines in January is reminiscent of a scene from the original American Pie movie when the anticipation of Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) is just too much for Jason Biggs’ character Jim Levenstein to handle. Chances are he’ll blow it in the clutch with Martyball just like Levenstein blew his…ah never mind.

But back to that Lombardi…

The spoils of another Super Bowl win would be all too sweet. And what a story it would make with some very interesting subplots: Brian Billick goes from the outhouse to the penthouse; Steve McNair’s goes from a lock out to Disneyworld; Ray Lewis returns home for another title; yes Virginia the Ravens do have an offense; Eric DeCosta courted by the Ford family in Detroit (assuming they obtain all outstanding scandalous photos that Matt Millen apparently has in his safe); Rex Ryan to goes to Cleveland.

Yes there is a downside to winning a Super Bowl.

The NFL is a copycat league and the vultures that want to be like you come swirling overhead waiting for the perfect time to strike. And they will.

Some players will cash in…players like Adalius Thomas and Jarret Johnson. Eric DeCosta’s star climbs even higher and maybe some owner decides that DeCosta is the perfect architect to re-design a team in tatters. The annual coaching carousel will again be in motion and they’ll be jockeying for position to gain Rex Ryan’s attention.

Hey Rex, Phil Savage on line 2 for you!

And while those are all problems, they are good problems and they are problems that successful organizations must deal with.

That’s life in the fast lane of the National Football League.


HARRYO29 said...

Great blog...I've been thinking right along with you. If we are fortunate enough to get another LOMBARDI (not you silly, the Trophy :-) ) it could mean a mass exodus of coaches and players. I'm currently watching
Tony Pashos on the Anita Marks show and a caller just put that question to Tony. Without hesitation, Tony , in the last year of his contract, said that he learned about this from DEION SANders.. the grass isn't always greener..and he would OPT to stay with the Ravens over a bigger chunk of Money elseware.,,, NOW..I thought that was an impressive answer and I think the same way.
Harry O' Sykesville Dec 12th

Tony Lombardi said...

Let's hope that Adalius Thomas was in on that same conversation...

HARRYO29 said...

On "AD", he tried free agency once and didn't have a lot of suiters; This time he has a great reputation, but and here it is the big but: he is fast approaching 30 years of age. I think that he has so much going on in Baltimore that he and his agent will work to sign once again with the Ravens; However, if the Ravens win the superbowl, it could be a entirely different story.
My gut Feeling is, that AD stays put!
Harry O' Sykesville Dec 13th