Friday, December 29, 2006

My Wishes for 2007...What are yours?

As we prepare to close out the old (2006) and bring in the new (2007), I thought that we too would chime in by briefly reflecting upon ‘06 and set the stage for what we all hope will be a very promising ‘07. A good place to start would be right here at 24x7.

For those of you who have been with us for quite some time, the 24x7 you know today is vastly different than that which you knew as late as July 25, 2006. We appreciate your patience during our transformation and we trust that since you are still reading this, that you’ve accepted and enjoyed the many enhancements and additions we’ve made to the site. There are still many more enhancements and additions on the way which we’re sure will be to the delight of all who bleed as we do.

Looking back on 2006, the year was a success in so many ways and there are still so many ways to improve. Even the most optimistic dyed in the wool Ravens fan must be somewhat surprised by the 2006 season thus far and I’m sure optimism and confidence run like a finely tuned engine through your veins. And you have every reason to feel that way.

Clearly the Ravens are the crown jewel of the sports landscape here in The Land of Pleasant Living and we are proud of our association. Yet as stated, much could be improved upon along that sports landscape and with that in mind I welcome your commentary or any additions to these well-intentioned wishes for the coming year.

Without further ado, our wish list:

To Brian Billick…I wish for you a fair contract extension that provides the comfort zone you need for yourself and your family -- one that invites you to stay here along the shores of the Chesapeake even well beyond your days managing the sidelines of the town’s favorite team. Clearly you’ve earned it after persevering a tumultuous off-season while swallowing much more than your fair share of humble pie.

To Steve McNair…your destiny. After being locked out of the Titans’ facility, a team that you fought like a gladiator for, may you find your coveted Super Bowl Championship in ‘07 in Miami and when someone asks, “Hey Steve, where are you going?”, you emphatically and enthusiastically reply, “I’M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!”

To Ray Lewis…I wish for you the continued desire and passion needed to lead and inspire your teammates. I also wish for you a dose of reality -- one that allows you to clearly see that a $9.3 million cap figure is far too high. And may that dose lead you to negotiating a more cap friendly deal that allows you to retire as an original and career-long member of the Baltimore Ravens.

To Adalius Thomas…may you find the riches that you deserve and may your heart be open to at least a modest hometown discount so that 96 can stay exactly where it belongs.

To Jonathan Ogden…a boatload of competitive juices that inspire you to lace them up at least one more season. You’ve proven that you’ve still got it. Do it again, please?

To Chris Chester…20 added pounds of solid muscle without the Merriman Method.

To Rex Ryan and Eric DeCosta…the patience to find the right fit as you further your respective careers. To Rex, learn from your former defensive coordinator colleague Romeo Crennel and Eric, pay close attention to the trials and tribulations of your friend Phil Savage.

To Edwin Mulitalo…the willingness and determination to rebound from your injury and push to crack the starting lineup once again. All around good guys like you don’t grace our presence enough in the world of sport.

To B.J. Sams…a bionic fibula…To Dan Cody, a clean bill of health for no less than 12 months…To Mike and Musa Smith…full recoveries. Your grit and determination are more deserving of healthier careers.

To Steve Bisciotti…the sweet smell of a Super Bowl victory cigar.

To the Baltimore Metropolitan Area…the windfall from another successful Festivus and a community galvanized by its collective passion for all things purple.

To Amber Theoharis…homesickness. Don’t leave B’more.

To Stan White…audio tapes of Tom Matte and a slightly accelerated pulse.

To the Self-appointed Vice President of All Things Dundalk…a memory of where you came from along with copies of A Christmas Carol & The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

To Peter Angelos…the willingness to heed the call of WNST and sell the Orioles. Then use part of the proceeds to buy the property that houses WNST.

To Stan the Fan and the Press Box…continued success with your broad paintbrush. May you keep finding ways to go where no other publication has gone before and may you also find innovation in your Bone Yard as opposed to bone-headedness.

To Anita Marks…a mild winter, fairness (that juice monkey thing was blown completely overboard) and a crash course on the provincial mentality of us Baltimorons (you have to be one to call one).

To the national media…the inability to Mapquest or Google Baltimore. We don’t need your support. We are proud of that chip on our collective shoulder.

To Tom Jackson…the understanding that Bart Scott is not a rookie. Jackson said earlier this season, “You talk about offensive rookie of the year being Laurence Maroney, the defensive rookie of the year obviously I think is Bart Scott.”

To Joey Porter…a size 18 foot to go with that errant bullet.

To Monday Night Football…an extension for Mike Tirico and the signing of Troy Aikman. The other two can go but if they can‘t, then the Reader’s Digest version of any explanation from Joe Theismann.

To Chris Berman…BACK-BACK-BACK-BACK-BACK away from NFL Countdown or whatever it is they are calling that show these days. You are well past your prime time. And please take Michael Irvin with you.

To Brett Favre…a decision.

To the Baltimore Orioles…an extension for Eric Bedard now before he can test the market! (see Barry Zito, 7 years, $126 million). Hopefully it’s not too late. By the way, did you know that Zito only has 102 wins in his 7 year career? If he maintains that pace over the next 7 years, the Giants will be paying him $1.235 million per win.

To GAMETIME…a daytime slot.

To each of us one and all…less Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton & Tom Cruise and more Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Jeri Ryan….ok and for you ladies that dude on the anatomy show.

To Miami…a town painted purple to go with the Purple Rain of Prince on Sunday February 4, 2007.

To Baltimore…a celebratory parade without rain on February 6, 2007. You deserve it!


Ravenwoman said...

I wish health and happiness in 2007 to Tony and all of the staff at 24x7.

I wish for a Super Bowl in 2007 and the chance to see it in person. In fact, I hope everyone here on this board gets to go!! Rave ON!!

I wish that A.D. never leaves the Ravens and Eric DeCosta stays with the Ravens until Ozzie retires, then becomes our new G.M. Remember guys, the grass always seems greener on the other side.

I wish a contract extension to Brian Billick in 2007, for a job that exceeded most peoples expectations. May he retire a Raven's coach.

I wish the Ravens nothing but wins from here forward and a restful bye week. May all of them have continued good health and few aches and pains.

I wish the Orioles in 2007 could be 5% of what the Ravens are now. I am having a feeling that may be too much to ask.

HARRYO29 said...

Dec 30th
I agree with Tony and Ravenwoman %100.....
If I could just have one thing on that list, it would be a Superbowl Ring for Steve McNair..the Classiest of all Ravens...
Lets paint Miami Purple on Feb 4th
Happy New year to all
Harry O Sykesville, Dec 30th