Sunday, December 31, 2006


So I’m sitting here waiting to gather the troops to trek on down to The Vault and I’m thinking to myself, “The Magic Number is 4!” Of course that includes today’s game. And I’m also thinking that the stars are aligning for the Ravens. It’s almost as though you can see them all gradually coming together in perfect alignment much like those synchronized swimmers gather to form some interesting hexagonal shape.

It’s a beautiful thing.

First there’s Brian Billick on the brink of being fired ascending from the woodshed to the penthouse. Then there’s Steve McNair being tossed from the Titans’ house and ascending to the house of Mickey Mouse. And then there’s all the talk about the Chargers and how balanced they are; the Colts and the best defense is a great offense (nice try Jaws); and of course who can count out Belichick & Brady, the firm that always seems to be waiting in the wings for that hostile takeover.

But everyone seems to be ignoring the wonderful story developing in Baltimore.

They said McNair would never stay upright behind the Ravens offensive line. They said that J.O. was washed up. They said that Ray Lewis was a cancer (see the ringleader behind They said that the Ravens offense wouldn’t be enough. They (me included) said that until you beat a tough opponent on the road, expect nothing in the post season.

Now we all end our emails with “Happy Festivus For The Best of Us.” (At least I do.)

Yes this all has a familiar look, a familiar feel. Even this day has a similar feel to the game against the Chargers back in remember, “If We Win We’re In!” It was cool with light rain that day too...

Four wins over the next five weeks.

Is that too much to ask?


HARRYO29 said...

This will be my last 2006 Post! Just so you know, all of us who bleed purple appreciate the last 365 days of effort that you and the Staff put into the site, keeping us all informed about our TEAM!
At 10 PM New Years eve, the number is down to THREE!
And, if there were ever any doubts about the Health of Steve McNair, they have all been dispelled over the past 17 Weeks.
So, in closing out a very memorable year (2006) lets have a Happy Festivus for the Rest of us!!!
Harry O' Sykesville, 12/31/06 10PM