Thursday, December 14, 2006


For the past few years I’ve been saying that, “God must be a Ravens fan.” My rationale you ask? That would be the extremely favorable weather here in Baltimore on football Sundays.

How many times have they called for rain or dicey weather only to see the clouds miraculously vanish as the skies open up for another afternoon of Ravens football? If memory serves me correctly there has never been a regular season game played at M&T that was affected by rain. The closest may have been the “If we win we’re in” game against the Chargers back in 2000. But even then the rain was never more than a light drizzle.

The home playoff game against the Broncos was a blustery and bitterly cold afternoon but somehow knocking the snot out of Denver took the edge off that chill. It also doesn’t hurt if you sit on the sunny side of the stadium like I do.

Even the home playoff game against the Titans in January 2004 was a balmy 60+ degrees. This week the forecast on Sunday is for sunny skies and 65 degrees.

Whenever I mention our meteorological fortunes to anyone that will listen, I’m told to hush up – I might jinx us. Fuggedaboutit! I’m not worried about any jinx. I’ve been making this claim for years and still, here we will be basking in the glow of a near winter solstice sunshine.

If you go back a little further in Ravens history, you may recall a game played in 1996 I believe when the Ravens defeated the Steelers 31-17 under the blanket of a steady November rain. Perhaps even God didn’t remember that the old Browns had become the Ravens and they played in Baltimore.

But other than that Steelers’ game, I challenge you to find another regular season game when rain was a factor in Baltimore. I bet you can't!

I did do some research on this topic. I looked back on all the games played in November and December here in Baltimore since the 2002 season. The average temperature during those games played here in Baltimore for November was 57.5 degrees and for December it was 44.1 degrees. The normal average temperature for those months is 46.8 degrees and 36.7 degrees respectively. Kind of like the Ravens turnover ratio this year, that's a plus 11 and a plus 7!

You feelin’ me? Feelin’ the warmth?

So, get out your SPF 30 Coppertone and enjoy the San Diego like weather down at The Vault on Sunday. And while you’re at it, if you can…wear some Chiefs underwear and Bengals socks to support those teams. It might help spread some good karma towards our second and third favorite teams this weekend.

But go’s going to be hot down there at M&T.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe in December I will be wearing my camo shorts to a home game because it's nice!!!! Bring on the Browns, we are going to beat the snot out of them too!!

HARRYO29 said...

You've been saying that for years.. and you are correct. But, I remember a Game in 2000? when i needed a poncho and hand warmers as the {PURPLE PAIN) constantly sacked Troy Aikman or was it Ryan Leaf?? and the Cowboys.. but for the most part GOD has really smiled on us. I was at the October game, right after 9/11 and when the Lee Greenwood song was played and we had the 4 Jet fly over before kick off.. well.. it didn't get much BETTER than that, with the Sun beating down on my face.
Harry O' Sykesville, Dec 16th

Anonymous said...

This week that are calling for temps in the 60's and partly cloudy.

Why stop at the AFC Championship in B'more? Let's do the Super Bowl here too!!!