Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Look, I’ve got it all figured out and in order for this plan to work for all of us, we are going to have to become Colts fans this weekend. Now I know that for some, such a request is the equivalent of blasphemy or the highest form of treason. But stay with me and trust me….I know these things!

If the Colts lose on Sunday and the Patriots win, the Colts will become the No. 4 seed and will more than likely host the Denver Broncos. That would send the Jets in all likelihood to the Big Razor to play the Patriots. Should all go according to my Crystal Ball, the Colts would then travel to San Diego while the Patriots would end up here during the weekend of January 13.

This is not what we want!

No not because I’d rather the Ravens take on the Colts instead of the Patriots, I’d rather the Patriots take on the Chargers instead of the Colts. I just can’t see the Colts beating the Chargers in San Diego. The Chargers had success against the Colts last year and this year’s Colts gave up 153 yards on the ground to Ron Dayne.


The last time Ron Dayne ran for that many yards he was headed towards a free buffet in Seacaucus, NJ! Ok, maybe it was when he was a Wisconsin Badger in 1999 but you get the point. If Ron Dayne can lay 153 on the Colts, just imagine what LaDainian Tomlinson could do. And therein my friends lies the moral of this story. The Chargers win and the Ravens are packing their bags and heading west for the AFC Championship.

Now if the Patriots go into San Diego, my bet is that Bill Belichick comes up with a way to further frustrate the slumping Philip Rivers while he keeps LT in check, relatively speaking of course.

So there you have it…it’s a simple ball game. Root for the Colts this weekend and then get ready to be the host city for the AFC Championship.

The road to Miami goes through Baltimore baby!

Has anyone seen Big Wheel?


HARRYO29 said...

Tony, Dec 27th 4:15 pm
You hit the nail right on the proverbial head. I agree with your logic. Now, if the big GUY up in the Sky can provide a little divine intervention, and Smile on the Ravens.. THEN things will go according to your plan.
God has smiled (sun for home games) so far this season, but the long range forcast doesn't look too good.. But, its only Wednesday!!!
I'm praying that the Fireworks around the inner harbor start around 7 pm with a Ravens win. What a great New Years eve for the city of Baltimore?
Happy New year to all Ravens fans!
Harry O' Sykesville