Tuesday, November 21, 2006


You people kill me. You know who you are. You are the ones who boo the hometown team. You are the ones who cheer when your struggling quarterback goes down with an injury or when a referee is hurt. You probably race to beat the little old lady to the last seat on the bus too.

And now you sell out tickets to your arch rival fans to help embarrass your city.

Newspaper beat writers write about it. Radio talk show hosts talk about it. And Pittsburgh fans who live in the area are laughing about it. They are laughing at you.

You will criticize the Ravens players and say they quit or that they're showboats or that they're only worried about themselves. You are quick to profess that there’s no “I” in team and just as quickly you log on to Ebay to whore your tickets to the highest bidder knowing full well that the bidder will be a card carrying member of the Terrible Towel-aban. And you justify this behavior because you say that it subsidizes the season ticket seats where you actually park your Judas-sized butt.

And then you have the stones to call yourself a die hard fan?

Jamison Hensley of The Sun last year wrote an article entitled A Wave of Discontent. In the article, Hensley gathered thoughts from these so called “fans.” One self-proclaimed “die hard” said, "This season has been demoralizing. This team has to stand up and recognize that this city enjoys winning and that's what we've got to get back to."

Another adds, "I think it shows [Ravens fans] are kind of upset. Maybe this will send a message to the right people about how things are going."

So what will the excuse be this year when you sell out?

Gas prices are too high? My son wants a Playstation 3? You need the money to buy this year's Furby? You want the extra cash to buy playoff tickets?


We don’t need your kind at The Vault. Stay home, please! Go and drink your hot seasonal toddy by the fire with your slippers and hit the jump button on your remote during commercials so you don’t miss the Lifetime Channels latest chick-flick offering…like Little House on The Prairie re-runs.

Another fan in Hensley’s article talked about making a quick buck and another about doubling, tripling or quadrupling his investment in the tickets.

Some fans you are!

Greed is good I suppose you sell outs! You say you’re a diehard. More like a blowhard.

Die hard. Please give me a freakin’ break!

You don’t “die hard”, you die easy and find comfort in a death bed lined with benjamins. I’d hate to be in a foxhole with you! You are probably one of those fans that are first to complain about a player that wants a new contract yet you sell out your PSL neighbor.

To all you Steelers fans that make the trip down I-70, welcome to Baltimore. Really, welcome! Enjoy your stay. Patronize the many wonderful establishments in the city and have a great weekend. Have fun at the game and enjoy the stadium. I admire your passion and you are to be commended for it.

To all those fans that feel like I do, bring your hard hats on Sunday. Let’s collectively send a message to those Ebay prostitutes and match and exceed the passion of the yellow towel wavers who will, thanks to those Judases, arrive in numbers. And get on your feet throughout the game. Let’s make the noise in that stadium hum in Ben Roethlisberger’s helmet like the tailpipe of that crotch rocket he likes to drive around Pittsburgh.

And be sure to give your fair weather Sally neighbors an earful when they return for the Browns game on December 17, provided that is they have the guts to show up which I seriously doubt.

It will probably be too chilly for the tooties anyway.

You fair weather Sally’s kill me!
Please, if you have to sell your tickets, sell them to someone who bleeds purple.


Anonymous said...

Amen Tony.

Anonymous said...

I agree Tony, I think the Ravens should sieze any fans PSL & season tickets who sells out to a Steelers fan. I don't like Angelos, but I seem to remember back in the mid 90's he floated such an idea for Orioles season ticket holders who sold out to Yankee fans. Of course now, he sells out to these same Yankee fans!!!

Also, while we're talking about the Steelers, can the Ravens change the jacket color for their ushers from yellow to any other color? I have hated this since they have done this. Pick another color, I see the supervisors where red, then put the grunts in blue.

Anonymous said...

Well stated, Tony. Personally, I just cashed in on the greed of the Ravens organization and bought a pair through the Ravens' home page on their "ticketsnow.com" link. The Ravens site said they're a proud partner with Ticketsnow. It made me equally proud to take about 15 seconds to buy a pair of tix for Sunday through the Ravens' site, and for cheaper than a game in Pittsburgh, I might add. P.S. Tickets are also still available through Ticketmaster. See YINZ on Sunday! Signed, Steeler Fan.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more! But for you true fans who want to support your Ravens, and show your dis-taste for the Steelers, here's a few ideas for signs on Sunday....

"Hey Ben, playing Baltimore's defense is ALOT like riding a bike"

"Hey Joey, besides bullets, what else do you take there?"

"Are those towells for support, or in request of another string of bad calls to get you into the playoffs?"

Sorry, but I do hate those jerks.

Anonymous said...

Since when have Steeler fans been that much of a probelm at M&T? This used to be a problem at Memorial, but they are a pretty minor annoyance now. I'm sure there will be about 5k of them at the game this weekend, but is that worth getting angry about? They won't be having much fun anyway.

I have heard estimates that there were upwards of 10k Ravens fans in Nashville this year. Isn't travelling to see your team just a part of the NFL experience now?

Steeler fans have a much greater presence in other cites anway. Did you see how many were in Cleveland this past weekend? Oakland? Steeler fans are just everywhere because people love to latch on to the "popular" team. A lot of these fans are not coming down from Pittsburgh, but up from Washington DC (where I live and deal with them every day).

Baltimore has done a really good job of keeping them out since the opening of M&T. I'm sure we'll have a great homefield advantage this weekend.

BigE said...

I Traveled to the Denver game and sat 3 rows behind the Ravens Bench. My brother and I were the only Ravens fans within 2 sections. When asked how we got the tickets we told them "money talks, Sell out fans walk." These games let the rest of us know where poeples hearts are!!!!

Tony Lombardi said...

Although I haven't tried it myself, I'm told the Ravens do have tix available for Sunday and that "Steelers fan" above is not ranking our collective chain.

Go to the Ravens oficial site and check out their "ticketsnow.com" link if you want to take a shot at duckets....

Good luck!

Ravenwoman said...

The tickets.now link to the Steelers game shows a lot of tickets available for Sunday starting at a low price of $180. per ticket and some much, much highter.

The whole situation having Steeler fans in the stadium is unfortunate, but I think a disproportunate number of them are Ravens season ticket holders who are transplants from PA. They probably root for the Ravens the rest of the season, but when Pittsburgh is here, they support their real "Home" team.

As far as the rest of the fans go, it seems to me that a lot of people have a lot of money these days for travelling to out of town games. Ravens fans are no exception, either.

The only way this can be stopped is to not sell your ticket, period, unless you know the person personally. I would rather eat the money than to sell my ticket to an opposing fan.