Monday, November 20, 2006


During one of the TV timeouts of yesterday’s game, my eyes randomly scanned the stadium. My casual perusing was interrupted by the name of Ernest Byner. Now I know this is a topic that is hotly debated and it is almost a universally accepted opinion that Byner does not belong among the all-time Ravens’ greats (acknowledge by his presence in the Ring of Honor.)

To make matters worse, Byner is the very first inductee to the Ravens ROH. The first inductee should be the standard – the standard of excellence, it should be to recognize something of distinction and that placard is a symbol of such distinction.

What has Ernest Byner really done for the Ravens? What has he done to distinguish himself?

Ask folks around the league and Byner is generally remembered for two things: 1) A big fumble at the goal line in a playoff match against Denver as a member of the Browns; or 2) As a Washington Redskin.

If Byner is the standard, they better make the plaques smaller. It’s going to get busy in that Ring. During his playing career as a member of the Baltimore Ravens, Byner had 947 yards on 243 carries, averaging 3.9 yards per carry with 4 TD’s. He also caught 51 passes for 398 yards and a score.

That’s distinction?

No it just STINKS that our standards are so low. It cheapens it for anyone else inducted.

Chester Taylor had 1,599 rushing yards as a Raven with 4 scores. He also had 105 catches and 3 scores in his Ravens’ career. Does he belong in the ring? What about Priest Holmes? He had a 1,000 yard season, rushed for 2,102 yards as a Raven to go with 10 TD’s and 88 catches for another score. Bam Morris rushed for 1,511 yards and 8 scores to go with 54 catches and another TD.

And then there’s Vinny Testaverde and Michael Jackson and Qadry Ismail and Rod Woodson and Shannon Sharpe, the list could go on. With the sole exception of Bam Morris whose car trunk immaculately conceived a duffle bag of Mother Earth’s finest, all of these players are more deserving of the Ring than Byner.

With Byner up there, who might be next, Edgar, Allan and Poe?

Duane Starks, where are you? Come on down and get your plaque.

So what can the Ravens do to correct this blatant blunder?

Unfortunately not much.

But Ernest Byner could request that his name be taken down. Maybe he might like to be remembered as a good guy who did the right thing and got the Ravens off the hook with that misplaced placard instead of being remembered as the “Who?” guy years from now when future generations look up and see his name.

You fumbled once when you had an opportunity to do something big EB. Don’t fumble again! Do the right thing!


Anonymous said...

Amen Brother. Well put.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that would ever happen. The thing is just a blunder, but no team official could ask that of him. Maybe someday years from now, we can all come to an agreement. His name will disappear and no one will notice (wink wink).

HARRYO29 said...

Ring of HONOR...5:25 pm... Just read your Blog on the Ring.. I agree with you %1000 .. Byner is a nice man...but in no way does he belong up there..!!! your comments about Bam Morris and what was in his trunk is awesome..
Raveon 8-2 is all you need to know
Harry O' Sykesville

Ravenwoman said...


I agree 110%. Unfortunately, from what I understand, this was Art Modell's selection, because he was close to Art.

Maybe they can shrink the size of his name or move it next to advertising.

Anonymous said...

I agree, and I don't know who voted etc. but I have to assume it had a lot to do with his relationship to Art Modell and his contributions to the Browns. Maybe they'll just put Ozzie's plaque over his and hope no one will notice.