Thursday, November 30, 2006


The forecast in Cincinnati for tonight at kick off is for rain and temps in the high 40’s to low 50’s after a soaking rain all day today. With modern day technology and modern day stadiums, that giant sucking sound you hear now could be pinpointed to Paul Brown Stadium as the grounds crew does its best to make the field playable.

Cincinnati being more of a finesse team would probably prefer a fast track so there won’t be any additional hosing down from the hometown grounds crew in the style of the Patriots when they play the Colts. Of course that tactic is not out for Bill Belichick with the recent installation of Momentum Turf at the Big Razor.

But back to the Ravens….

Who does the rain favor tonight? That’s my question to all of you.

A look at history (if you call looking back to 2000 history) suggests the Ravens don’t do very well in a soaking rain. Actually that is an understatement – they do horribly. Need proof? Ok, here you go:

Ø Ravens @ Miami (2000) L 6-19
Ø Ravens @ NE (2004) L 3-24
Ø Ravens @ Chicago (2005) L 6-10
Ø Ravens @ Denver (2006) L 3-13

So, in four games the Ravens have TOTALED 18 points. That’s 4 ½ points per game!


Hey anything can happen. A steady dose of Jamal with some play action early in the downs might help but Jamal with a wet ball is like handing him a slimy eel.

Is there a mudder in the house? A brother from a different mudder?

I bet Sam Adams is a mudder. The slow surface will bring everyone down to his version of NFL speed. Chris Chester at 305 (more like 275) and Sam Adams at 345 (more like 405) is the equivalent of my son trying to block me….

Anything can happen and I’m not a betting man but to stay on the safe side, bet the under. On average when the Ravens play and God answers Phil Collins plea (“Oh yeah I wish it would rain down…down on me!”) the TOTAL amount of points scored is 21. The line is set at 44 ½. You do the math….thank me later!


Anonymous said...

yes with a steamrolling OVIE and a punishing JAMAL the ravens will keep this game in their control...throw in a few play action passes and a sick and i mean sick stifling score 19-10...

Anonymous said...

Wow didnt know we were that sorry in the rain.The difference is that the opponent tonight relies on the intermediate to deep passing game a lot,so it will definitely hurt them.Also this team is much different from those previous teams,we now have a QB who has seen it all...rain snow sleet hail it doesnt matter!!!

ravenmaniac said...

I'll take the glass half full approach, I think we are DUE for a big win in the rain.

HARRYO29 said...

Tony, I remember that MIAMI game a few years back. It made me Sick. However, this is 2006 and I am very confident, with Billick now calling the plays, that he will ADJUST the play calling to the Playing conditions. FACT: Matt Stover has kicked more FG's vs the Bengals (61) than vs any other team. I am not a good prognosticator, but "JTB48" says a score of 19-10, and I think it will be in that range. Remember, Carson Palmer cannot hurt us deep when he is on his BACK!
Harry O in Sykesville

spyboy said...

In the mud I'd much rather have a good running QB like McNair that a pocket passer....especially against that Bengal D. I look for Steve to make 3-4 big plays with his legs.

Anonymous said...

Well since there were so few rain games, they all seem to stand out. If you go back to 2000, you have to go back to the Bam Morris win over the Steelers, and 2000 Chargers game was in the rain. Primetime rain, no good.

But to give you a prediction would mean jinxing my team and having to live with it for 10 days. I pass, and GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!

BigE said...

History Continues!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is it about the rain that makes the Ravens look like a completely different team? One week the blitz package completely confuses the Steelers O-line, and the next week the D-line gets no penetration. The offensive line can't block again, and the QB looks like Bill Troupe. What the hell?