Wednesday, November 15, 2006


On Tuesday our regular guest columnist and host of WNST’s Morning Show, Drew Forrester kicked around on air the topic of Brian Billick and a possible contract extension. The debate is certainly a worthy one and it is one that has no clear and definitive conclusion at this stage of Billick’s tenure.

It’s funny in a way – I’ve been accused of being a Billick hugger and a basher almost simultaneously. And I have no problem with the accusations. You see the true bashers will be quick to call me a hugger if I support Billick on a controversial issue. The true huggers will claim that I’m a basher if I criticize a debatable Billick decision.

The truth of the matter is that I’m neither a hugger nor a basher. I’d like to think I’m objective but that’s not for me to decide I suppose.

I don’t know Brian Billick very well but what I do know of him, I like. Actually I like him a lot. I genuinely believe that the image he projects publicly as the Ravens’ head coach is very different than his private persona. Brian Billick once did something for a very close friend of mine on his own. It was a random act of kindness on his part and while I wanted to call attention to it publicly, I chose not to, surmising that the deed alone was enough for Billick.

My suspicions were later confirmed by a source close to Billick.

Personally I’m happy to see Billick doing well this season not only for the sake of the team but also for his own sake. I didn’t like it when Ray Lewis seemingly threw him under the bus this past offseason. I did like it when Ray gave a game ball to Billick. The full circle was a welcomed and pleasant development.

As we’ve seen, much can happen in a year. Last year the Ravens were 2-7. This year they are 7-2. Last year folks wanted Billick’s head. This year they want to give him an extension.

Not so fast.

I hope Billick earns that extension. But I don’t think he’s earned it yet. Why not wait and see how this season and next season go before making what I believe is a hasty decision at this point? He’s under contract through 2007. If at this time next year things appear as promising as they do now, then maybe Steve Bisciotti should pony up and add a few more years to that contract.

But for now, let’s just concentrate on the Falcons and then the Steelers and then the Bengals and then…..


Anonymous said...

I agree with you in the fact that he has to earn it but i would not wait until the end of next season. If they make it to the playoffs, and win one game in the post season i would give him the extension. With the caveat that he must also be the O.C. I think next year will be a very different year with the busts from the draft and the beginnings of a cap purge. If they do well this season Ozzie might blow his load and try to get to the Super Bowl next year. If Billick is constantly looking over his shoulder to guess what will happen after the season it may take his eye off the prize.