Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I’ve been wondering about a few things purple today…

I wonder how assistant special teams coach John Fassel feels today after his Dad was dismissed. Imagine working for a company that gave your Dad the boot. Might you question the organization? Might you even wonder if you were next? It must be pretty tough for John to focus and keep a stiff upper lip these days. Fortunately he has a few days off to simmer and he’ll probably remind himself many times as will his Dad that the NFL is a business and these things happen. Still, if it were me, the only way I’d stick around is if my Dad convinced me to stay.

Speaking of staying, I have to wonder too how long Rick Neuheisel will hang around. Neuheisel was to be the offensive coordinator if Jim Fassel moved on to be a head coach somewhere. Well now that he’s moved on, why isn’t he the coordinator? Why should the circumstances be any different? If Fassel took a different job back in the spring, why would Neuheisel be less qualified now to handle the duties of the O.C.? You have to wonder how long the former head coach of the Washington Huskies will be around these parts.

Instead the playbook will be handled by its author, Brian Billick. But i wonder if the results will be any different. Can a new chef deliver a tastier product using the same ingredients?

Last night while watching the Bears’ comeback against the Cardinals, I couldn’t help but notice how Arizona under Denny Green’s guidance lacks a killer instinct, much like the Ravens lack a killer instinct under Brian Billick. There’s no denying the lineage there…

And by the way, I wonder what’s up with the game of musical chairs being played by Billick, LB Dennis Haley and WR Clarence Moore. If you haven’t heard, Moore is back for more and Haley’s tour on the varsity unit was as fleeting as his namesake’s comet. I don’t get it. Are the Ravens trying to launder players now? Hey if you are going in that direction, maybe they ought to try and pass off Mike Flynn for Steelers’ Center Jeff Hartings.

While we’re on the subject of the Steelers, did you see Troy Polamalu get lassoed by Larry Johnson during his interception return? That hair cost the Steelers’ Safety a touchdown. There was nothing illegal about Johnson’s tackle. Back when Ricky Williams was in the league and sporting his Rasta dreads it was ruled that such lengthy hair is part of the uniform, therefore Johnson’s tackle was legal.

Ever see Polamalu without his helmet on lately?

I wonder why they don't change his name to Troll Polamalu.


Birdman in Canton said...

I wonder if Billick was wondering about a nice shade of Pink (as in Pink Slip) while you were wondering of things Purple? I wonder if Biscotti was seeing Red...I heard that New Orleans is a colorful place!

StoverForPrez said...

Hate to remove the Purple shades, everybody. And yes, I am a huge Ravens fan. But the Saints are the real deal, and things could get ugly for us against Bush, Brees, a reliable receiver crew and consistent Defense.
Things wont be "The Big Easy" for Bawlmer next week....Here's rootin for another Boller start!

f7eleven said...

"Can a new chef deliver a tastier product using the same ingredients?"

Don't you watch Iron Chef?

I think Billick can do it. And it seems to be good timing with the bye this week. No need to go all "Mike Preston" on us.

Tony Lombardi said...

f7Eleven....It was a question to provoke thought, not a statement.


By the way, that's a question too.