Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thumbs down to MNF!

I don’t know if you are like me, but I’m not too keen on the Ravens playing on Monday Night Football. It throws my whole week out of whack.

Here it is, a beautiful Sunday morning and it doesn’t even feel like Sunday because the Ravens aren’t playing. Normally by now, I’m making my way to the remote to turn in to the potpourri of pregame shows but today,it doesn’t feel the same and I’m not racing to the tube.

And by the way, Tuesday Morning Quarterback just doesn’t have the same ring to it as the Monday Morning Quarterback. We want to talk about the Ravens game on Monday and then build on it throughout the week as we approach the next game. By the time we reach the Denver game tomorrow night, we’ll have been talking about wild horses for 8 days.

Eight days a week, is way too much to show I care.

Give me my seven days.Hey, we’ll only be talking Panthers for 6. So really, we’re knocked out of whack for 2 weeks So for all of you who don’t think the Ravens get their fair share of national props and all of you who feel slighted if the Ravens aren’t on Monday Night Football, get over it.

And if the Ravens season goes the way we hope that it will, there will be more night games when the league goes to their flex scheduling (Week 10).

Oh the horror.

Sundays are for football and football is life and Monday Night Football messes mine up!


Tspot Ravenator said...

I am soooooo with you TL! This Sunday really sucked!!! I love football on Sunday's when all the other fans are watching their teams :( This just doesn't feel like an NFL weekend to me! That is why I am going to California on our bye week...It will keep me busy so I don't get the bye week blues....At least the Redskins lost and T.O.'s Sunday was wrecked by a bad performance and a Dallas loss :-)) Tony (Tspot Ravenator)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the same people that complain about the Sunday and Monday night games are the same ones that complain about the Ravens not getting any respect when they don't get a Monday or Sunday night game. Can't have it both ways. I think the Ravens fans are the only ones that complain about this. Man up and be a fan!

J. Valentino said...

At least it gave me a chance for some Sunday golf.

VA Ravens Fan said...

I agree with you Tony, but this has been an incredible weekend of sports if you are from Btown. First the Yankees lose and are out of it. Awesom stuff. BTW Great time to read sports in Yankee fans are hating life right now. 2nd the Redskins lost and looked hideous. I live in the DC area and it is unbearable every Monday after a Redskins' win. But not today. Yeah Baby!! And lastly the Steelers lost. Big Ben looked horrible (the QB he really is) and no smiles from Hines Ward. I am so happy I don't even need the Ravens to win!!!

B-Dogg said...

Sundays in the fall without Ravens football,sucks. I am reminded of those pre 1996 years in B-More where you try to follow some other city's team or you find yourself channel surfing through the games just to get your football fix. Hey NFL schedule makers go ahead slight Baltimore make us play all of our games on Sundays at 1:00.