Thursday, October 05, 2006

R.I.P. T.O.

Before the Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens I was a diehard 49ers fan. It happened not long after the Colts move and I relished the annual battles with the Dallas Cowboys. It helped to ease the pain of not having a team of my own.

During those 13 or so years, I would venture up to Philly and down to DC to see the Niners on occasion. I may have seen them 5 times and they won every time.

The DC games were a bit more fun. I could cheer for the Niners and talk smack with the Redskins fans and most didn't seem to mind. Philly on the other hand was a different story.

My buddy who would score the duckets for the Philly games warned me, "Leave your Niners swag at home." Initially I laughed it off but he sternly stated, "I'm serious. These fans are nuts!"

And so I left it home.

I remember a Monday Night game when Steve Young lit up the Eagles. It was a complete thrashing but the Eagles fans hung in there. They took to agitating the Niners fans who weren't the recipient of my buddy's sound advice. They would bait them into fights and when the Niner fans could take no more and retaliated, the Eagles faithful joined in on a resounding chorus of "YOU-YOU-YOU-YOU-YOU!"

Sure enough, security would come along and escort the Niner fans out.

A well orchestrated sting!

Terrell Owens' return to Philly made me think of this story and I think he's about to get stung.

Here's a city that threw snowballs at Santa Claus.

I would not want to be Terrell Owens this week.

Not only did he diss Philly, destroy the Eagles 2005 season and throw the exulted Donovan McNabb under the bus, he became a member of the team Philly fans despise the most -- the Dallas Cowboys.

Around here, it's not too uncommon to see a t-shirt that says, "Pittsburgh Sucks!" In Philly Eagles fans proudly where t-shirts that say, "F--- Dallas!" with the blanks appropriately filled in.

Remember when Michael Irvin's body was motionless upon The Vet's rock hard surface? The Eagles fans roared with approval. A football game is a war for Philly fans. There's the Eagles and there's the enemy.And at the moment, there is no bigger enemy to these raucous fans than Terrell Owens.

It's great theatre for sure and I for one am happy that the Ravens aren't playing opposite the Eagles v. Cowboys this week. If Santa got snowballs, I shutter to think what the Philly faithful will do to T.O. especially in a Dallas uniform. Surely Owens' head will be on a swivel and whether it's due to him lacking the stones to fight it for four quarters or if it's due to a headhunting, crowd pleasing Brian Dawkins hit, I think the odds of T.O. playing the entire game are pretty low.

Somehow, that hand will start hurting.

Hide the pain killers!