Sunday, October 08, 2006


I may be proven wrong. Once I thought I was wrong but I was mistaken….

Anyway, I don’t see how the Ravens lose on Monday Night. Sure the Broncos are rested and they are 13-4 after bye weeks and Mike Shanahan is an offensive guru (sorry Brian) and we will be a visitor on Monday Night and the Broncos are balanced and gee whiz they have fast linebackers and Champ Bailey is being pimped like the second coming of Deion Sanders – the Cowboys version and nearly all national experts are picking the Mr. Eds.

So are the Ravens going to lose?

No worries here folks. I’ve got to words for all those national pundits –“Ain’t happenin’!”

Look, last year the Ravens lost 12-10 in Denver. Ed Reed wasn’t 100%, Ray Lewis was MIA (maybe cheerleading for a high school team), Bart Scott wasn’t as developed, Haloti Ngata wasn’t a Raven, the Ravens had only 1 safety, Trevor Pryce was a Bronco and he’s now in purple and of course,Steve McNair was in Tennessee.

The game was arguably Kyle Boller’s worst as a pro and Jake Plummer actually had a very good game against the Ravens defense (19 of 33 for 236 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT and a QB rating of 90.0).

And they only won by 2?

Brian Billick had a chance with 2 minutes to go for the kill but opted to kick it way instead of going for the onsides kick despite having only 2 timeouts. Hmm, that’s a topic for another day.

What has changed for the Broncos?

Well, there’s no Gary Kubiak and no Ashlee Lelie but there is Javon Walker.

I’m no math major but when I add it all up, I think the Ravens can overcome those 2 points with all the additions minus Kyle Boller’s quarterbacking version of pin the tail on the donkey, Bronco, whatever.

Here’s how I see it. Some teams match up well against others and I just think the Ravens have the Broncos’ number. The Ravens offense while not prolific will move it in the right direction and show some progress. Todd Heap will actually catch a pass in the first half. Mark Clayton will pickup where he left off last year when he had 7 catches, 105 yards and a score against the Broncos, Mike Anderson will get a few touches and possibly a score and the Ravens defense will bend some but not break often.The under/over on how often Joe Theismann will mention Ray Lewis is 19 and by the way, that will be the number of points the good guys score.

Make it 19-13 Ravens!


Tony Lombardi said...

On GAMETIME this past Friday, I had Mike Klis on from the Denver Post. One of my last questions to him was of the tongue-in-cheek variety when I questioned if it would snow.

Mike laughed and said that it was sunny and 83 on Friday.

Well guess what?

The forecast is for the low 30's and a mix of rain and snow...80% chance of precip.

It will be interesting to see which team this affects the most. I tend to think that the team that is more balanced can weather the elements better. Therefore I think this affects the Ravens more than the Broncos.

Let's hope the forecasters in Denver are as accurate as our local meteorologists when it comes to forecasting snow.

ColtsLose said...

Apparently you have under-estimated the Broncos and there #1 defense. Ravens were lucky to win the last 2 weeks, they really should be 2-3, so don't get your hopes up regarding a successful season, cause it ain't gonna happen. Good riddens!

ColtsLose said...

Well guess what, you were wrong Mr. Lombardi. The Ravens need to get used to losing, because you aren't as good as your record indicates. You should have lost the last 2 games and have a more reasonable record of 2-3. The Broncos and their #1 defense showed the world how good they are. Your biggest mistake was testing Champ Bailey and he burned you. Bet you won't do that again! Ha! Ha!

Tony Lombardi said...

CL, it's a long season. We'll see how it shakes out. Your Broncos won the battle. We'll see how they manage the rest of the war.