Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The Ravens offensive line has been the subject of much criticism this season. Some of it is justified and some of it isn’t. In Denver, I think the offensive line did its job. And had Mike Anderson or Musa Smith been on the field to pick up the yardage that Jamal Lewis left on the field, my Report Card grade would have been a B for the unit instead of a C+.

Which of course begs the question, “Why aren’t those other guys seeing the field more?” A similar question was posed to Brian Billick during his press conference yesterday.

"We have a lot of confidence in all our backs," Billick said. "I'm not going to get caught up in who has how many carries. If a back is having a hot hand and running well, then we'll kind of ride that a little bit. But [Lewis] is running hard and he had some good tough runs."

Look it doesn’t take a Ron Jaworski film session to see that both Anderson and Smith were more effective running the ball in limited action than Lewis during his 15 carries, 6 of which went for 2 yards or less bringing his season total to 43 carries of 2 yards or less measured against 88 total carries but who’s counting?

What exactly constitutes a hot hand?

I guess the answer is some unknown figure less than 2.9 yards per carry because that was Jamal’s average on Monday compared to Anderson’s 6.2 yard average and Smith’s 4.7.

Coach Billick further explained, "Each of them deserves to be 'The Guy' and get a lot of carries. We're just looking for productivity. We got some good backs. I know they all want more. The depth of that position is a positive for us. But it is a balancing act."

Wait, I thought you go with the hot hand coach. Why is there a balancing act?

When you’re hot, you’re hot…and when you’re not……well you know…or do you?

Do you really believe this stuff coach or is this just more of the high wire spinning act?

Coach has changed in some ways for the better and I think it shows.

But in other ways, it’s still the same old Brian Billick.

What do you think Paris?

"He's hot!"

3 comments : said...

The team needed to run the ball more against Denver. They needed to get Musa Smith more touches in the open field, outside of and inside of the tackle box. Billick consistently abandons the ground game, even when the score is close.

They must renew their committment to the ground game. They need to get their fullbacks involved as extra blockers and receivers. This will give McNair more options. If they don't have at least 25 rushes for 100 yards this or any Sunday, they will most likely lose.

Anonymous said...

If Jamal Lewis, the coaches and the offensive line don't regroup and start adding some imagination to this running game, then Sunday is going to be very depressing. The problem over the years, has been the system. We have had talented players, but they have underachieved, largely because of the lousy play calling and inadequate coaching.

The ground game has to be more effective in order to set up the passing game. Use 2 backs in the backfield and mix it up. Why do we always use 1 running back? Why can't we run to the outside instead of "diddle diddle, Lydel up the middle?"

Finally, McNair needs to bootleg and run to the outside more, and not stand around like a sitting duck.

Ravenwoman said...

The success of this season rests on the ability of the Ravens to develop a balanced offense that has the ability to score at least 16 points a game, period.

Without an offense, look for our record to dip to 8-8.