Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Recently I made my way out to California for my cousin’s wedding. It was completely California, held at one of the beautiful vineyards in Temecula. Behind that little arch that enveloped my cousin Vince (really) and his lovely bride Jill was part of a lush field of vines pristinely arranged and behind it a few picturesque foothills that helped to accent the valley of grapes.

I looked out at the vines and I thought about the movie, Field of Dreams. “If you build it, he will come.” And then, “ease his pain”, both meaningful statements in that movie. Then my mind drifted from corn to grapes and of course some grapes are purple so naturally I thought of the Ravens.

I always thought “The Big Grape” would be a good nickname for M&T Bank Stadium.

I digress…

“Ease his pain.”

“Ease whose pain?”

Why Brian Billick’s of course.

My thoughts were interrupted and I went on with my day.

Later during the trip I visited the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. I marveled at the animals and the things that the zoologists and biologists and Pavlovogists were able to train these animals to do. The elephants after a few simple prompts were obeying their trainer like a patient under a hypnotic trance.

Whales and sea lions and dolphins were taught to do things that must have taken years to reach the level of perfection that they so easily executed during the exhibitions.

And then I thought of the Ravens again. If a sea otter could fetch and deliver a can of Pepsi on call, why can’t the Ravens run a screen pass?


HARRYO29 said...

I Read the comments about the Ring of Honor. Byner should be removed after the season. I could see Vinny up there before Byner. Your comments about the Contenst of Bam Morri's trunk was Hilarious ...
I mean....eeeeeeeek! as Charlie Brown would say..
You should be on the Anita-H Marks show along with Marquis Ogden more than just Mondays. You add a new perspective to her show.. which drags at times with her by-play with Jeremey?? Harry O' Sykesville