Tuesday, September 19, 2006


This week’s game against the Cleveland Browns is a pivotal one for the Ravens. A win will put them at 3-0 and either tied with the Bengals for first place and two games in front of Pittsburgh or in sole possession of first. A loss could send the Ravens reeling a bit, particularly if the offense lays another egg like it did on Sunday and if the Ravens do lose, we all know it won’t be because of the defense.

One loss could trigger another and then suddenly the Ravens are 2-2 heading into Denver for a Monday Night encounter with the Broncos.

A win in Cleveland coupled with a solid offensive showing could build more momentum that could carry the Ravens past the Chargers. And let’s face it, the Ravens have their way with young quarterbacks. Why should Phillip Rivers be any different? Who will he have faced prior to the Ravens defense? The Oakland Raiders? The Tennessee Titans?


4-0 heading out to the Rocky Mountains to take on a struggling Denver team…that sounds like a pretty special start to me. Last year in Denver the Ravens lost 12-10 and had a chance to win that game despite all of Kyle Boller’s bumbling and stumbling.

Can you say 5-0?

Sure you can, with bells and whistles and bird caw-caw-caws.

But it all starts with this pivotal game at the mistake by the lake.

Charlie Frye…Ravens defense….Charlie Frye…..Ravens defense.

Hmm, I like our chances…