Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who is Meiklejohn?

Last night I had the privilege of being the guest speaker at the Ravens Nest 14 monthly meeting at Meiklejohn’s Restaurant & Pub. It’s always refreshing to see a pub filled with purple & black and these avid Ravens fans did exactly that.

The first thing that struck me about me visit was the name of the place – Meiklejohn’s. This restaurant and pub was once called The Chophouse and while that name may have worked well for the Atlanta Braves and the Florida State Seminoles, it didn’t for the establishment’s new owners.

But what is Meiklejohn? I meant to ask but I was caught up in the excitement of discussing my favorite subject (well ok my second favorite subject) with other diehard Ravens fans. So this morning, I took the time to look up a word or name that I am completely unfamiliar with – Meiklejohn.

Here’s what I learned:

Alexander Meiklejohn was a philosopher born in 1872 who passed in 1964. He was also a university administrator at Brown (I bet Chris Berman knows about Meiklejohn) and a staunch advocate of free speech.

I suppose I should have said exactly what was on my mind last night to the wonderful folks of Nest 14.

Surely I jest…

No one asked me last night for a prediction for this weekend’s game. And while I’ll usually leave the prognostication up to The Chief, I must say that I don’t have a good vibe about this weekend’s game. Jon Ogden has admitted that he isn’t 100% and even when he is, he still doesn’t fair well against Simeon Rice. The pressure that the Bucs create up front with their front 4 enables their Cover 2 to provide protection on the top end while their nimble linebackers create havoc in the intermediate areas. I just think it will be too much for the Ravens’ offense to deal with and I expect a low scoring game in which a defensive turnover will change the game. Unfortunately I have visions of a blind side sack and fumble courtesy of J.O.’s original nemesis.

I’ll call it Bucs 13, Ravens 9.

Now about that free speech, did someone ask why we were kicked off WNST?


Harryos29 said...

its Oct 19th 2007
I frequent Meiklejohns..I'm ashamed to admit it...but I just saw this and had to respond. Thanks for researching the name of our Favorite pub out here in Carroll cty.
I don't remember...did Ogden play well vs Simion rice?
harry O 29

Oneface said...

I just so happen to be a Meiklejohn and in short the name comes from Scotland meaning "Big John." We were members of the Lamont Clan, one of the oldest clans in Scotland.
I have also been to Meiklejohn's Restaurant and Pub and if you have not had the Bangers and Mash yet I highly recommend it.
Go Skins... Sorry!