Monday, September 04, 2006


Yesterday when it was brought to my attention, I was very caught up in this voting on for the best Ravens fan site. I thought that achieving such a title would be a good thing for our sponsors. That in turn was interpreted and ridiculed as greed by some members of another Ravens fan site.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If concern for our sponsors is defined as greed, then Gordon Gekko I am – “Greed is good!”

But back to the vote...

We are extremely behind in the voting – a victim of a network of fan sites throughout the country that are unrelated other than the bond of their network. That bond has produced a massive rush of votes and for that they deserve credit.

But the poll question SI wanted a response to is “What Ravens fan site is the best source for Ravens info?”

So I thought, no vote can change the answer to that can it?

If Britney Spears received 20 times the vote of Alicia Keys does that make Spears better?

I made the mistake of getting caught up in the emotion of that vote…it’s the competitor in me. It’s better to invest that energy focusing on quality of content and improving sponsor value instead.

The truth will stand the test of time.

My best to all Ravens fans and to those other sites with which we share a common passion – YOUR BALTIMORE RAVENS.


Ray J said...

I went to the vote on si and checked out some of the other sites. It was almost embarrassing how much better this site for information on the ravens, than any of the others listed there. Keep up the great work. I love the diversity of your site and columns. Glad to see you are not all unrealistic fanatics and write realistically about the team that we all love - sometimes it is hard to be a fan without a bit of fanatic involved. Thanks for the facts, the opinion, and the humor! I will continue to check in each day!

Tony Lombardi said...

Ray thanks for the "vote" of confidence. As for the popular vote...uh maybe we have a shot with the electoral vote?

Ah, didn't think so...Oh well, let's tip our caps to the winners. We were certainly outflanked, outmaneuvered and outnumbered through the power of a national network. Kudos to them on winning the vote. We'll focus our attention on providing the content that you've lauded.

And at the end of the day, support and encouragement like yours is more important than being beaten to the ballot box.

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