Monday, September 11, 2006


We all remember where we were 5 years ago today – that fateful day that forever change our country. Even after all this time, the infamous day still seems quite surreal.

I was in between jobs on that day, so I was at home doing some computer work with the TV on just to my left serving its purpose as background entertainment.

As I surfed my way through the internet, I noticed the AOL home page and the picture of flames blazing from one of the World Trade Center towers. With the JFK, Jr. plane tragedy fresh in my mind, my first thought was that a small out of control plane hit the tower. So I switched the station over from ESPN to CNN.

The rest is history. We all watched these unconscionable events unfold before our very eyes. I marveled at the stiff upper lip of TV reporters chronicling the developments as my upper lip quivered and my eyes moistened from sadness and anger.

I’ll refrain from expressing my political views on the subject however I will say that we sometimes forget about this event’s importance (myself included) and get caught up in trivial and relatively insignificant things in our personal lives and we momentarily forget that we all share a bond. We are all Americans and we live in the greatest nation on God’s planet.

And most importantly we are all brothers.

One year after the Osama bin Laden violations, another brother of ours fell – John Unitas. Johnny U was and still is THE Baltimore sports icon.

Take a moment to remember our fallen brothers today…I know that I will. And I’ll be thankful that I live in a country that affords me liberties each waking day which unfortunately I sometimes take for granted – but not today.

God You & Bless America!