Friday, September 08, 2006


I’m thinking about the game on Sunday. I’m thinking what the Ravens need to do to win. I’m not feeling good about this game. Can I get a witness? Can someone help me out here?

I’m not digging the uncertainty surrounding Jamal Lewis. My gut tells me he’ll go and be fine but those nagging, lingering seeds of doubt are out there. I feel them.

I’m also not digging the things J.O. has been saying – about not being 100% and how he hopes the weather doesn’t wear him out all the while facing off with another nemesis, Simeon Rice. That’s all the Ravens offensive line needs, a subpar performance for J.O.

The way I see it, the keys to the game are:

1. Pick up the tempo on offense
2. Win first down on both sides of the football
3. Win the first quarter
4. Smack Chris Simms in the mouth…I don’t think he’s as tough as his Dad
5. Get Heap in the flow early
6. Make all the tackles
7. Protect McNair’s blindside

But I won’t talk about the technical keys…I’ll leave that to Dev tonight on GAMETIME and guests Eric DeCosta and Rick Stroud (Bucs’ beat writer).

The real keys to the game are:

1. Score more points…that’s always a good thing to focus upon
2. Give up fewer points than you score…another key to lock in on
3. Give Ravens fans more to cheer about than Bucs fans – a good sign
4. Give Bucs fans less to cheer about than Ravens fans – another good sign
5. Put Visine in Cadillac Williams’ water bottle (bartenders know what I’m talking about)
6. If Simeon Rice exclaims, “You want a part of me”, say “No, I’d rather have your sister!” Hey it worked in the world cup…just ask Mr. Zidane
7. And finally plenty of Gillette’s Dry Idea for the good guys…“Never let them see you sweat!”