Friday, September 08, 2006


Countdown to Kickoff “C2K”

I went down to the C2K last night and it was great to see the purple passion alive and well. I made a “GAMETIME” decision about the party and dropped the $40 per ticket on the event instead of the $35 in advance. And while the gathering was nice, mostly because it was a chance to re-acquaint with some friends, I wasn’t “feeling it” (as Drew Forrester would say) last night.

Maybe my expectations were too great. I thought for my $40 I would as advertised get a nice buffet and adult beverages with a premium open bar. Instead the only things that I saw on the buffet spread were the remnants of chicken fingers, some pork barbeque, sausage and hot dogs. To wash these delectable treats down there was a shallow array of malts (1 brand) and wine which the main bar ran out of by the first quarter.

I was gone by halftime and ventured down to Lager’s Pub to take in the balance of the game. Naturally I had my choice of beverages, a wide ranging menu and a comfortable seat to watch the game from (something rare at the C2K). After a few beverages of choice for my fiancé and me and a great Cajun chicken wrap, after tip I dropped 27 additional dollars. But I was happy about that expenditure.

My fiancé reminded me that the C2K was fine if you like all the pageantry and that I’m more of a down to earth meat and potatoes guy.

Ok, chalk C2K up to experience and if not for the wisdom of my girl, I probably would have substituted a “Rip” for the “Kick” in the name of this event.

But I won’t.