Sunday, September 03, 2006


I’m sitting on the terrace deck at the Clarion Hotel in Ocean City here on a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun beats down upon the right side of my face as I angle the computer just right in order to see the ocean and maintain the visibility of my monitor.

I’m not really a guest here unless you call a bagel and a coffee guest-worthy. It’s just my way of settling my conscience for pirating the hotel’s wireless signal. I suppose I should buy one of those wireless cards.

Can anyone offer suggestions on wireless cards from first hand experience?

Speaking of experience, the ocean has plenty. Is there anything on the planet more consistent and more dependable that the sound of the ocean pounding upon its shores?

I left these shores on Friday afternoon to head back home to do our show GAMETIME. On that day, Ernesto had a grip on OC as trees bent in half, Coastal Highway looked more like the surf and the ocean roared with a vengeance. Today, the seas are calm and their waters glisten in the bright sun.

What a difference a day makes.

Naturally I look for a correlation to the Ravens as I take in this glorious day. It dawned on me that for many players like P.J. Daniels, Cory Ross, Derrick Martin and Ronnie Prude to name a few, summer camp and the preseason in many ways were like their Ernesto. They battled, kicked, clawed and fought to pursue a destination. Today these players get a new lifeline if you will – another chance to pursue that ultimate destination.

This next week is like the calm before the storm, a storm scheduled for September 10, 2006. It’s like the seas to my right at this moment awaiting the arrival of the next Ernesto.

These players have heard about the storm. They may have even seen it up close yet to experience it is something altogether different. They’ve made it the “show” and now it’s time to show they belong.

I congratulate those that have made it, some unexpectedly. I wish those that expected more success in the continued pursuit of their NFL ambitions. And to all of you, I wish a season of hopes and aspirations fulfilled as it relates to your Baltimore Ravens.

One snap at a time, one quarter at a time, one game at a time…step by step. Maybe if those steps are sequenced properly we might all have our sights set upon Miami 5 months from now. It’s a long haul and the storm has staying power. Perseverance might get us all there.

Hey anyone up for a trip to South Beach and an extension in Key West beginning that first weekend in February? Let’s even throw in another Lombardi to boot – the trophy that is…