Sunday, September 24, 2006


The anticipation is killing me. I hate that Carly Simon song by the way. Its linkage is to ketchup too and that then takes me to Heinz Field where the Steelers will host the Bengals in an early season game that has major divisional implications. For perhaps the only time during the remainder of my days, I’ll be rooting for the Steelers today. I worry what a big win in Pittsburgh might do for Marvin Lewis’ boys.

And can you believe this game isn’t on regular TV? Fox has the double dip today and if you are at home without the NFL Ticket the treat they are serving up is the 0-2 Redskins against the 0-2 Texans. Hopefully something as exciting as figure skating is on one of the other stations or maybe even a cheerleader contest.

Hey just checked….O’s on at 1:30 and the Nats are on at 1! Hoo-rah!

No-Doz anyone?

Anyway, back to the anticipation. This riveting lineup prior to the Ravens contest in Cleveland certainly doesn’t curb my appetite for Ravens football. This is round 2 of 8 contests that test my will – watching Ravens games on TV, what a gut twister. If not for these road games, I’d probably live to 110. With them, I’m lucky to make it to 60.

Hey, you thinking what I’m thinking? I could sell this concept on the home front and use it as the central theme in my argument as to why we should travel with the team.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

But wait a minute….if she gives me the unequivocal “NO!” does that mean she loves me not? Maybe she doesn’t care that watching these games on TV speeds up the ticker on my biological clock. Sure, she can help wipe the crust from my eyes in the morning, gussy up my hair, spray her favorite cologne on my chest, stick a Lifesaver in my mouth and send me on my then presentable way each morning but little does she realize that these games are rapidly accelerating the aging process of my internal parts.

Might that Lifesaver be replaced someday with one of Raffy’s favorite performance enhancers?

Go Steelers?

I hate 4 o’clock away games!

Gee only 8 ½ hours to wait.

It’s keeping wa-ay-ay-ay-aiting!

Can’t you just picture that ketchup being poured on that burger and plate of waffle fries?

Oh these are the good old days…