Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My good friends at WNST are staging a protest….er, make that a rally to take a stand against the ownership of the Baltimore Orioles. If nothing else, the rally will at least present a little drama for a team that can’t generate any of its own on the field. But really, what will 2,000 people do at a baseball game to sway the overt stubbornness that has anchored the brain trust at the warehouse for nearly a decade? What will they do when they get there? Have a few beers? Enjoy the atmosphere and each others’ company? Support the very man they are looking to call out with their hard earned money? Who wins that battle?

I think it’s obvious.

The Orioles, The Bird and his super soaker!

Clearly the management of WNST has nothing to lose with their “rally.” They haven’t burned their bridges to the Orioles ownership, they’ve nuked them. And now they are trying to rally the support of other media outlets? Why would such outlets risk their relationship with the club? They might actually have something to lose while WNST has nothing to lose!

While I admire the passion of the station’s management and their love of our hometown baseball team, I don’t see how this accomplishes anything and in the end, it smells like a cheap publicity stunt. I hope I’m wrong and somehow they get through to the seemingly impenetrable heart of Peter Angelos.

But I’m not holding my breath. Instead I’ll pass and hold on to my money.


Tony Lombardi said...

Some alternative “protest” suggestions sent in by a concerned fan:

1) Protest outside the Angelos field at Camden Yards before a game then go watch the game at one of the bars who have taken the hit from the suffering attendance. The screen may be smaller but the beer is most likely colder and cheaper.

2) They could go to one of the Minor league teams in the area and check out the future of the Orioles to see if they truly do have some talent in the stables or is the management of the Orioles just telling Horse tales.

3) The most drastic means of protest would be to go to the competition. Go to a Nationals game, one that may be part of the regional coverage dressed in Oriole gear and get the seats all in one section.

ravcol said...

The thought of a protest is a good one. Unfortunately it will only cement Peter Angelos' vindictiveness towards society. Lining the owner's pockets with money will not achieve your purpose. However, a protest of the good old fashioned kind is still the best. Having hundreds or thousands of people around the stadium area with a nicely conceived slogan on signs, or giving away bumper stickers, would do more than hanging out drinknng a beer in an obscure section of the stadium. I would have believed Nestor's authenticity for the cause until I heard him on the morning show tell the world that he is doing it for his Dad, who would have been so proud of him now that he "owns" a radio station, has done very well financially, and makes love to his wife all the time. What an idiot.

Ravenwoman said...

I can appreciate the sentiment of Nasty's efforts. I don't believe he has any personal agenda, but is trying to orchestrate a sincere effort to stir up the emotions of an apathetic fan base.

However, let's get real! This isn't a political rally! The man (Peter Angelos) owns the team. He is the master of the team's destiny. He runs it in a manner that generates the most revenue with the least amount of expenses. It's a business to him. Winning is not a "must have" to him. If it were, he would have never fired Pat Gillick, Frank Wren or Davey Johnson. He would have retained Mike Mussina and B.J. Ryan. Money would be no object and he would reach into the coffers of his lucrative law practice and signed all of the appropriate free agents. He would be accessible to all of the media for interviews and would have done things to endear himself to the fans. However, Mr. Angelos does none of these things and he will not spend any more than the minimum to assemble the team. When your general managers have to have every trade and free agent signing approved by the owner, then you know that is a recipe for failure.

It is unfortunate, but our children will never experience the joy of a World Champion team like I did in 1966, 1970 and 1983. Career players like Brooks, Cal, Frank, Eddie and so many others are a thing of the past. The Oriole Way is non-existent.

Ultimately, the team will be sold and probably will be moved to a new city which is hungry for baseball at any cost. The only hope would be if Cal Ripken and his associates could assemble a proposal that Mr. Angelos could not refuse.

I always believe that one should vote with his or her pocketbook. My pocketbook tells me September 21 is going to profit Mr. Angelos and for that reason, I will not be participating. The Ravens are the only game in town for me.

Tony Lombardi said...

You have to give Nestor Aparicio some credit here at least for one thing – he’s committed to this rally – really committed! Some might say that he should be “committed” but I’m not one of them. I admire the passion and the alleged inspiration for it, Nestor’s Dad. I find that touching. Yet I still have serious doubts that this will do anything towards achieving the ultimate goal – to entice Angelos to sell the Orioles. The only way I see that happening is if Nestor picks up the tab on Angelos’ would-be staggering capital gains tax that is a byproduct of such a sale. That’s an awful lot of “Free the Bird” t-shirts to sell at 10 bucks a clip.

Surely somewhere in the warehouse, Peter Angelos is smiling about all this and just as likely, he’s gesturing with a “Free the Bird” of his own.

ravensfanbc said...

I think we (true oriole fans) should do this more than once a season. I am a oriole fan but, a true oriole fan I am no longer. We need to stir up at least an effort to show this team oriole fans still exsist. Nestor has talked bad about the Orioles for some time now. I think the fans are starting to think like the nasty one now, and It has nothing to do with business. It has everything to do with Pete

OsRavensFan said...

Tony, while I agree with you Nestor's rally is a publicity stunt, I disagree with you on Nestor's goal. You say the goal is for Angelos to sell the Orioles. By his own words, and his stations words, Nestor's objective is to get on ESPN and various national media outlets to display the plight of the fans. This proves your point, in spite of Nestor's denial, it's a publicity stunt. That's all it is.

His goal, and therefore success of the rally, should be measured be either Angelos selling the Orioles or Angelos changing the way he runs the Orioles.

This is Nestor's way to try and get back at the O's after the squirt gun incident. I really question anyone wearing a $100 shirt to an O's game as being an O's fan. Last I checked diehard, old school O's fan don't wear $100 shirts to the game. Instead we wear $8 partially torn circa 1983 World Series Champion T-Shirts.

Of course he swore he would NEVER step into Camden Yards again, after getting squirted, until Angelos sold the team. Come September he obviously will go back on that promise.

The reason I won't part take is I don't want to be part of a publicity stunt. I want my O's back, and the only way that will happen is if Angelos sells the O's or changes his way.

The 500 people who actually show up for the rally won't do anything to change Angelos. I assure you.

Tony Lombardi said...

I hope WNST is wildly successful tomorrow although I don't see how. I am happy that Sept. 21 is finally upon us and this endless discussion about the rally will fade to black along with the summer of '06. At least I think it will end.

Funny thing, the other day I was driving down to the beach and I was listening to some FM station and The Police's "Walking on the Moon" came on. As if I was programmed like Pavlov's dog, I changed the station before I remembered that I wasn't listening to 1570.

mindside19 said...

I've heard so many people that think Nestor is doing this as a publicity stunt for his own and/or the radio station's benefit. Publicity stunt, i can understand, but for no other reason than to get attention to the woefull state of the Orioles organization.

The fact that ESPN, CNNSI and others have mentioned it means it has already been a success on some level. The fact that other local radio stations have mocked it shows that they have noticed as well, and more than likely half of them would love to join in if they didnt have ties to the O's already. Even if they are mocking it on the air, people get curious and check it out, thereby drawing even more attention.

Can Nestor be arrogant, and ignorant sometimes? No doubt about it...but no one can doubt the fact that he loves Baltimore sports, and he would love nothing more than to see a winner in Camden Yards again (without Angelos there of course). If you don't know that he wants the best for the teams here in Baltimore, then you need to learn that first.

I'm not sure this is the best way to go about it, but hey - if a few thousand fans get up and leave in the middle of the game at the same time, you can bet you'll be seeing it on the news...

Tony Lombardi said...

If ESPN and other national news venues do give the rally even more attention is that really good? Might it be harmful? At the end of the day, if others around the country notice, including players and player agents, will they be willing to join a club in disarray? Will it drive up the amount the Orioles will have to overpay in order to bring in the needed talent? Will it scare away potential scouts that can help build the team back up from the ground level?

I know if I were a player or agent or scout, I would either avoid the team if possible or use the Orioles’ lack of leverage to strike a better deal for myself. Neither is a win for the Orioles.

bmore13 said...

Although I agree that Orioles ownership needs a change, Nestor's countless "I" "me" or "my" statements discouraged me from attending the rally. Change is needed, but unfortunately I don't have an answer. Nestor should ease off on his self promoting, especially from a "minority" owner of a radio station.