Wednesday, August 02, 2006


We’ve all heard the expression “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Many of us have unfortunately discovered that it's not. Maybe it’s a relationship or maybe it’s a job that just isn’t going the way you want it to and suddenly you start to take note of the cute little co-worker or a job with a competitor who is just kicking your butt in every sales opportunity you encounter.

You are caught in a moment of weakness and you succumb to the temptation. With one decisive move not only can you shed an apparent problem from your life, you can measurably improve it.

Or so you thought.

How many of you have weakened and explored that grass on the other side only to find that what you abandoned wasn’t so bad? Maybe you let things get to you a little too much. Maybe each thing that went wrong felt exponentially more significant than it really was. How cold is the reality that the new love interest or job just never measured up? How empty and lonely is that feeling of wanting to go back knowing that you can’t?

Ray Lewis has thought about that other grass over the past 9 months or so. Fortunately for Ray, he was bound to a contract that didn’t allow him to act upon the angst that many of us have acted upon in our lives.

In relationships that are on edge, it’s like the end of the world when an argument over a toilet seat being left up ensues; or when a sales manager wants that report handed in prior to your sales call sending you borderline postal; or when a middle linebacker who gets blocked more regularly than he once did grows frustrated, asks to be traded and is willing to kick a legacy to the curb.

Ray hasn’t gone anywhere and somewhere along the way, the heat of the moment cooled and so did his head and his thoughts carried more clarity. So Ray is here and ready to go.

So far there are no signs that Ray’s hamstring injury is an issue. There are no signs of locker room discord or residual surliness over unfulfilled contract aspirations. Instead the smile is back. The joy appears to have resurfaced and the Ray Lewis that Baltimore has grown to love for a decade appears to be back at McDaniel College.

Will it last? No one knows. Might Ray grow frustrated again if he or the team do not perform well? He might.

But any of these thoughts at this point are speculative. The good news for Ray, his teammates, the entire Ravens organization and the fans of Baltimore, is that for the moment, the Ray Lewis of old, certainly in mind and perhaps in body is back!

And thankfully he didn’t get the chance to see for himself if that grass out there was any greener.


Mike Brown said...

Well said. Sometimes you don't know what you've got till it's gone. I believe Ray will have to be on his best behaviour for some time before many are ready to totally forgive his actions. You don't go against the family. A guage of how much forgivness has been afforded him will be if, and when he does his pre game introduction. My guess is that you might hear a smattering of boo's.